Yukon students get a cultural lesson

More than a dozen American Indian students and their families turned out this week for Cultural Night at the Yukon Middle School.

They got an opportunity to learn about basket weaving.

Paula Abram, the tutor coordinator for Native American Services at the middle school, said the event was one of three scheduled this school year.

The event featured Sue Fish, who is a basket-weaving expert.

Abram said Fish was able to provide a history of basket-weaving to the students, and then helped them make their own baskets.

“We want to bring attention to the kids about how they did things (in the past). They had to have baskets to carry food and water for their families. They didn’t have boxes and sacks and things,” she said.

Abrams said it appeared the students had a good time.

“We try to bring in different cultures. There are 39 tribes represented in Oklahoma. We can’t cover them all, but we try to bring in as many as we can,” she said.

Many of the sessions are coordinated through the American Indian Cultural Center and are geared to different grade levels.

The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 28 and will focus on students at the elementary level.

Abram said the students will make ornaments, and will have the opportunity to have them displayed on one of 20 trees at the American Indian Cultural Center.

For more information about the program, contact Abrams at Yukon Middle School, 354-5274.

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