National Honor Society recognizes scholarship and other strengths

By Faith DeSplinter,


Each year Mustang High School’s chapter of the National Honor Society inducts new members from the sophomore, junior and senior class.

Inductees must maintain at least a 3.8 weighted GPA, and a faculty committee select them based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. After being inducted, students must complete community service to continue their membership.

More than 150 Mustang students were inducted into National Honor Society recently.

“I wanted to join NHS because it would be a good thing for colleges to look for and to help the community of Mustang out with projects and jobs,” Andrea Jones said.

Neenu Thomas is the vice president of the organization. “NHS allows students to excel beyond academics by getting involved with the community through volunteering and giving them an outlet to reach out to those in need,” says

At graduation, National Honor Society member wear special cords commemorating membership.

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