Justice center’s $8.6M budget is approved

Canadian County officials approved an almost $8.7 million budget for the county’s juvenile justice center on Monday.

The $8,684,786.37 budget for the Gary E. Miller Canadian County Children’s Justice Center was approved unanimously.

The budget is basically a repeat of last year’s budget, said Bill Sharp, director of the facility.

The only change was a 3 percent increase in salaries. That amount matches the raises that are being given to other county employees.

The raises will be retroactive to July 1, the start of the fiscal year.

County Clerk Sherry Murray said the pay increases will be effective in December. The retroactive checks also will be distributed in December, though the exact date has not been determined.

Originally, officials had hoped to implement the raise in mid-November. However, a change in procedures at the state auditor’s office made that impossible, Murray said.

The budget also includes a stipend for insurance that is being provided to other county employees.


The budget is separate from the county general fund budget because it is funded through a separate sales tax, approved by voters in 1996.

Projected revenues from the sales tax are about $535,701.06 per month. That totals $6,428,412.72 for the year.

In addition, officials have projected additional revenues of $895,957. That money comes from contracts the facility has with other counties to house juvenile prisoners.

There also was about $1,360,416.65 in carryover from the 2016-17 budget.

In all, officials project $8,684,786.37 in revenue for 2017-18.

Expenditures include $383,1423.72 for capital outlay; $426,193.82 in education programs; $788,988.245 for juvenile investigators; $895,000 for maintenance in operation; $12,375 for medical insurance benefits, $103,000 for part-time help; $6,036,586.58 for personal services and $39,500 for travel expenses.

In other actions, the commissioners:

  • Approved an application for a loan from the state’s Emergency and Transportation Fund for $200,000. The money will be used to pay for a 2 ½-mile asphalt overlay on Jensen Road;
  • Approved a resolution declaring a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria as surplus;
  • Agreed to advertise a bid for the sale of two military-wheel-type dozers;
  • Approved a revised contract with Renaissance Architects for design work at the county’s juvenile justice center;
  • Approved a contract with Pillar Contracting to serve as the construction manager of a construction project at the justice center;
  • Approved a contract with the state mental health and substance abuse services for counseling services;
  • Voted to return an emergency management incident response van to KOKH-25 television. The county had purchased the van several years ago for $1. However, it doesn’t meet the county’s need. Officials from the Cedar Lake Volunteer Fire Department had sought to take ownership of the van. Officials said they wanted it returned to the television station’s ownership and allow that company to decide where it should go;
  • Approved an agreement with the University of Oklahoma and the county health department as a replication site for a program called Early Foundations;
  • Approved a contract with Frankfurt-Short and Bruza for architectural design work at the county detention center for a sally port.

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