MHS Senior Conference offers broad range of tips for life

By Chris Eversole

Mustang High School administrators wanted seniors to what it is like to experience a professional conference, and they exceeded beyond their expectations.

“Why not let them act like young adults,” said Principal Teresa Wilkerson. “As professionals, we benefit from conferences, and we wanted to help the seniors get prepared for life.”

Mustang High School held its Senior Conference on Friday at the Bridge Church for the graduating class of 650.

“To our knowledge, we are the first to offer a senior conference to the entire senior class,” Wilkerson said. “We hope it catches on with other high schools.”

Senior Laiba Fatima made a connection at the conference. She met Peggy Nichols from Yukon-based Pets and People Humane Society.

“I’m definitely going to volunteer there,” Fatima said.

Dakota Kennedy, who wants to go into technology as a career, said that the presentation from a U.S. Cellular representative gave him a better idea of the opportunities available.

Travis Osborn, a former Mustang resident, was the keynote speaker. He talked about life lessons he learned in his 20 years with the Army Special Forces.

He served on the 18 Delta medic team that rescued Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell during the operation to rescue him from the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2005.

“I was the first medic hands-on,” he said.

Osborn extolled the seniors to plan thoroughly.

“You need to have a primary plan, an alternative plan, a contingency plan and an emergency plan,” he said. “No plan survives first contact with the enemy,” he said.

Students need to get goals, he said.

“College is not a goal. It’s a step to achieve a goal,” he said.

The key is success is not quitting, he said. “It sounds too simple, but that’s what it really boils down to.”

The conference included presentation of several dozen topics, including student athletes in college, financial aid, careers in emergency medical services, military basics, personal finance and etiquette.

The Mustang Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations and businesses helped make the event possible, Wilkerson said.

“Purpose, passion and pride continue to be our guiding mission at Mustang High School,” she said. “Our senior conference is one more platform to help students identify their next step after high school. We are confident in our senior class of world difference-makers.”

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