Millers look to stay on course at Edmond Memorial

After four-straight weeks of home games, the Yukon football team will be back on the road Friday for a 7 p.m. match up with Edmond Memorial.

The Millers come into the game with a 3-3 overall record and a 1-1 mark in district play. The Bulldogs are 1-6 on the year and 0-2 in the district.

Edmond Memorial has one more game on its record so far because they opened the season in Zero Week against Ponca City, which happens to be its only win of the season.

“We are excited to go on the road again,” Yukon coach Jeremy Reed said. “Sometimes, it’s easier to get focused on the road. When I look at this football team we are about to play, I don’t see a 1-6 football team. Their record does not reflect what type of team they are. They are a good-looking football team with good-looking kids on both sides of the football.”

Reed said he expects to get Memorial’s best shot.

“They have their backs against the wall a little bit, so we better be ready,” Reed said. “Offensively, they have the ability to attack us in both ways. They have had games where they have been primarily a pass team and games when they have been primarily a run team. Same way on defense, they are extremely multiple in their looks and different schemes they throw at you. We will need to be really in-tune with what they are trying to do.”

Last week against Norman, Yukon had 556 yards of offense. The Millers rushed the ball for 461 yards and passed for 96.

Reed said the Millers played their best overall game last week against the Tigers.

“Other than first series for our defense, I think there is no question that was our best performance of the year,” Reed said. “Our skill players graded out really well. A little surprising but our offensive line did not have one of their better games. They weren’t quite as physical as they have been in other games.”

Reed said he believes this team has gotten over the hump of handling success the right way.

“I think we are definitely better than we were at the beginning of the season,” Reed said. “We understand where we want to go. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but we talked about where we are right now and what we need to do in order to get to where we want to go.”

With Jenks on the horizon next week, Reed said he is not worried about his team looking ahead to the match up with Trojans and overlooking Edmond Memorial.

“We aren’t too worried about looking ahead,” Reed said. “We aren’t in any position to do that. This 6A-1 schedule is way too tough to look ahead. There are no easy weeks on this schedule and unless you have to go through it, you really don’t understand how tough it is.”

Reed made several changes to the Millers’ game day routine last week ahead of the Norman game. He said he plans to keep it the same for Friday on the road.

“Yeah, the game day routine will stay the same,” Reed said. “The only thing different about it will be the bus ride to Edmond. I had to step in an implement some things I wanted to see in our pregame routine that we weren’t doing and we are going to continue to do that for the remainder of the year, whether we are home or away.”

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