Man convicted of multiple counts of rape

A Canadian County jury last week convicted Anthony Dean Wilkerson Jr. of raping and molesting a child.

The jury recommended Wilkerson receive life sentences on four counts, 25 five years on two counts and 15 years on the remaining count.

Wilkerson was charged in May 2016 with a total of seven counts of child sexual abuse.

Jurors deliberated for approximately four hours after hearing two days of testimony. Wilkerson had a prior felony conviction for knowingly concealing stolen property.

Under Oklahoma law, a life sentence is 45 years. Because of the nature and seriousness of the charges, Wilkerson will be required to serve at least 85 percent of his sentences before he can be considered for parole.

Wilkerson is set to be formally sentenced Nov. 16, said District Attorney Mike Fields.

The state of Oklahoma was represented by Canadian County Assistant District Attorneys Eric Epplin and Erika Gillock.

“I appreciate the hard work put in by Oklahoma City Police Department in conducting a thorough investigation,” said Epplin. “The physical evidence collected and analyzed by the department was crucial to the successful outcome of the case. The jury should be commended for diligently considering all of the evidence in rendering their verdict.”

“The victim’s bravery in telling her story allowed the jury to shed light on the horrible abuse she endured for years at the hands of her stepfather and to hold him accountable for his actions,” said Gillock.

“Sexual assault leaves scars that last a lifetime,” said Fields. “The jury’s verdict in this case reflects this reality and should ensure that Mr.Wilkerson is never again free to hurt a child. Justice was served.”

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