County OK’s utility permit policy

Beginning in January, utilities companies that want to install temporary lines in Canadian County’s rights of way will need to obtain a permit.

District 3 Commissioner Jack Stewart recommended the permitting process for temporary utility lines several weeks ago, saying that it would provide an inventory of lines in the area.

Stewart said as it now stands, county crews cleaning or mowing the right of way have no way of knowing if there is a line in the area.

The permits would require companies to notify the county before installing the lines.

In addition, there would be a fee for the application, plus a bond requirement.

The permit fees would start at around $100 depending on the type of installation that is being used.

Bonds would be around $1,500 and would be used to repair damage caused by the line’s installation.

In addition, the companies would be required to contact the property owner to get permission to place the lines on their land.

Stewart said the ordinance will be a “living” document that will be continually tweaked and changed as it develops.

Several counties across the state have developed similar permitting requirements.

Stewart said he wants the process to be in place so it will be active on Jan. 1. He said companies the county frequently does business with also will be notified of the new requirements.

Stewart said some companies already work closely with the county, but others are not as efficient.

Meanwhile, the commissioners received a bridge report for District 1. Reports on bridge work that needs to be done in Districts 2 and 3 will be forthcoming.

The current report included 55 bridges, including 44 in District 1, seven in District 2 and four in District 3.

The inspections were conducted by the state’s Circuit Engineering District. The agency will continue to provide the service for the next fiscal year.

Also, the commissioners opened bids for a construction broom for District 1. The broom helps remove debris from roadways to ensure a smooth surface for asphalt.

The bids included Power Equipment and Supply for $89,500, G.W. Van Keppel for $86,955 plus $300 for delivery; Boxer Equipment’s bid was $68,500 for a 2009 model; and Kirby-Smith, which had three bids, $103,103; $118,184 and $101,839.

All of the bids were tabled for review of specifications.

Meanwhile, a single bid was received a service truck for District 1. Nesco bid $117,543.19 plus $1,560 for delivery. The bid was rejected as too high. The county will consult with the state contract provider, said District 1 Commissioner Marc Hader.

In other action, the commissioners:

  • Approved a resolution to implement amendments to the bylaws and articles proposed for the Oklahoma Self Insurance Group;
  • Approved renewal of a contract with Insight Screening Services for Department of Transportation and non-DOT drug and breath-alcohol screenings;
  • Approved road-crossing permits for DCP Operating Co. and OneOK Field Services;
  • Tabled a contract between the Children’s Justice Center and Renaissance Architects for architectural design work;
  • Renewed a contract with United Systems for work station support services at the county’s Children’s Justice Center;
  • Tabled the donation of a van to the Cedar Lake Fire Department until additional information is provided;
  • Approved several floodplain permits for Devon Energy, Mark West Oklahoma Gas Co., OneOK Field Services and Cimarex;
  • Tabled a contract between the sheriff’s office and Frankfurt-Short-Bruza for architectural design services for the sally port project.

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