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Yukon adds veteran firefighters to crew

For the first time in more than eight months, the Yukon Fire Department is at full staff.

The department on Monday added four firefighters. They are Jake Neuyenschwander of Okarche, Chris Brown of Oklahoma City, Aaron Eccard of Yukon and Andrew Davis of Yukon.

All four have previous firefighting experience.

Neuyenschwander worked with the Kingfisher Fire Department, while Brown was with the Nichols Hills Department. Eccard was with Tuttle Fire. Davis was a volunteer with the Richland Fire Department.

“It helps,” Assistant Fire Chief Kyle Trumbly said of the fact all four have some experience.

Trumbly said that means they only have to teach them how Yukon prepares the trucks and does the job, they don’t have to be taught the job.

“There is a standard way of doing things. This is an important part of the job,” he said.

The new recruits were spending most of the week in the Yukon Fire Department academy. Thursday afternoon, they were working with hydrants and hoses.

Learning how to properly fill the trucks’ tanks and rolling up the hoses in the quickest manner possible, also was part of the academy.

The side benefit of the in-house academy, Trumbly said, is that the veterans staff gets to know the recruits and get refresher courses themselves.

The academy will last about two weeks, he said. The recruits wills will start their first 24-hour shifts during the week of Oct. 16.

Once the academy is completed, the department will have 39 firefighters. That will give each shift 12 firefighters, plus three administrative personnel, Trumbly said.


  1. Roanna Neuenschwader on October 9, 2017 at 7:33 am

    The name Neuenschwader is misspelled in the article about the new fire fighters in Yukon.

  2. Jason Davis on February 15, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    My observation of this new crew of firemen is one of them has shown up to work drunk, has beaten his wife, and has gotten arrested for DUI in his first months of employment. Maybe a good story would be for you to investigate how he still has a job. If Davis wasn’t married to a Wright he would have been fired long ago. Meanwhile, his own co-workers cannot depend on him to even bother to show up to work sober. This is a complete sham. Is this a great city or what?

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