Wildhorse Gardens & Market concludes season

By Chris Eversole

Saturday was the final sale day of year for Wildhorse Gardens & Market.

The organization hold a farmers market on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings during the summer and through the end of September.

Its 30 volunteers grow produce on a plot of ground that the City of Mustang provides. City landscaping crews plow the land each spring and till it from time to time.

“It’s great fun to play in the dirt and to meet nice people,” said Vice President Susan Dobbins. “Before I retired, I had a stressful job, and pulling weeds relieved the stress.”

Member Brenda Hays is renown for making sales pitches to customers. “I worked in retail for years, and I know how to make a sale,” she said.

Sydney Jamerson, a Mustang High School senior and an FFA member, began as a volunteer, and then she became an employee of the organization this summer.

The group donates a third of its produce to the Kiwanis Food Pantry and sells a third – with the proceeds going to seeds, equipment, fertilizer and other expenses. “We eat the rest ourselves,” Dobbins said. “That’s our pay.”

Wildhorse Gardens & Market will harvest its sweet potato crop with the help of the Town Center’s after-school program at 4 p.m. Tuesday at the farmers market, located south of the Town Center and next to its garden.

“We will deliver the sweet potatoes to the food pantry and to volunteers,” Dobbins said. “This was our first year to try sweet potatoes, so we aren’t sure how big the harvest will be, but we are hopeful given our test dig a couple of weeks ago.”

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