Mustang Drug makes impact in community

By Chris Eversole

Mustang Drug has gotten off to a running start since opening at 103 E. State Highway 152.

Many people are pleased that the independent pharmacy offers compounding, said manager and co-owner Selma Alami.

They also appreciate the customer service.

“We’re just like the chain drug stores in what we have available, but we treat everyone like family,” she said.

Mustang Drug also emphasizes supplements, and the staff can help personalize ones for your needs, she said.

Alami recommends supplements that replace nutrients that are depleted by medications such as drugs for cholesterol, diabetes and antidepressants.

“The depleted nutrients can cause low energy, memory loss and weakness, sometimes leading to the need for other medication,” she said. “Supplements can be a big help.”

Compounding is important for several reasons.

For example, the pharmacist can mix a medication that’s hard for kids and some adults to swallow in a syrup. Compounding also is used to make creams of for hormone replacement therapy.

Serena Gracy started using Mustang Drug soon after it opened in April, and she ended up working there as the pharmacy clerk.

“It’s excellent,” she said. “I love the people.”

Alami and her partners, Phong Hoang and David George, also have pharmacies in Edmond and Blackwell.

She began working for Hoang and George while she was completing her doctor of pharmacy degree at the University of Oklahoma.

“I love Mustang’s small-town feel, and I’m glad to fill the need for a local independent pharmacy,” she said.

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