Longtime Mustang church gets a name change

“Life Tabernacle” is a thing of the past because it’s switched to “Empowered Church.”
The Mustang church opened in the late 70s as Life Tabernacle, but due to most not knowing what tabernacle means anymore and the name just being outdated, they decided to rebrand the church, Pastor Randy Sholund said.
They decided to go with Empowered Church as the new name because they wanted to do something that would appeal to everyone.
“Everyone can feel empowered,” Administrative Pastor Michael Ray said.
Ray said they want children, students, adults, elders and families to feel empowered. He also said they wanted a precise name that was straight to the point.
Sholund agreed, saying that most of the time he’d spend the first part of a conversation about the church explaining what a tabernacle is instead of being able to get straight to the vision of the church.
The two also said the name change has caught the attention of more youth, and they hope it continues to bring in younger crowds.
Empower Church also comes from Acts 1:8, which reads, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you…”
Along with the name change, Empower Church is also updating its children ministries, starting a bus ministry and is calling its classes “Empowered Life classes.”
The classes focus on anger management and substance abuse, and are free to anyone who is interested.
They are also changing their focus and mindset to be more community based.
One way Empower has already done this is by “investing good money in the sign,” Ray said.
Empower Church got its new sign from Metro Sign Corporation, and worked with Troy and Jess Schweinberg to make it happen.
Ray said the sign is for the community because it brings in more people, and it’s a nice addition to State Highway 152.
“The sign is something they can link to. This is BOOM, instead of confusing,” Sholund said.
Some of the congretation was initially skeptical of the name, as was Sholund, but he said it’s just because change is tough. Now that he and the congregation have seen the sign and logo, they’re pumped about it.
The community and surrounding areas have also responded well to the change, and they’ve receieved compliments on it, Ray said.
Sholund said that when it comes to the new name and brand, his favorite part is that it challenged him to think of what was needed for the church and the community because he’s more traditional and didn’t agree with changing it at first.
Ray said his favorite part would have to be that their student ministries were already called “Empower Student Ministries,” so now they can promote empowerment to any age and truly live that empowerment.
The new logo and sign include green. They chose green because it would stand out, but also because it’s a fresh start.
Visit theempoweredchurch.com for more information on Empowered Church.

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