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Chamber hosts first ‘Meet the Candidate’ for 2018 governor election

Mick Cornett, Oklahoma City mayor and Republican governor candidate, visited the Mustang Town Center Wednesday morning as part of Mustang Chamber of Commerce’s “Meet the Candidate” coffee.
Cornett has been in politics for 25 years. He said he gets a lot of compliments and nice things said about him and to him, but it’s not about him at all. It’s because Oklahoma City has come a long way in the last 25 years and they take pride in their city.
Cornett said he never planned on running for mayor, and in fact, announced he would not be running for governor, but would instead be going back into private business.
“Being the mayor of Oklahoma City is the last job you have,” Cornett said.
After the recent legislative sessions, he received multiple calls from Oklahoma City and Tulsa residents asking him to reconsider his decision to not run.
“The Capitol is working against each other. Rural versus urban, OKC versus Tulsa, republicans versus democrats,” Cornett said. “I thought they were talking about the budget the whole time, but with two weeks left, they hadn’t even talked about the budget.”
He added that the way the Capitol is run poorly, and the budget should be done as a city does its budget.
At the Capitol level, the leaders are the only people working on the budget while house members aren’t even really part of the process.
There’s no communication with citizens because there’s no communication at the capitol itself, Cornett said.
In Oklahoma City, the budget is released publicly six months out then public hearings are hosted. From there, the budget is finalized with five weeks remaining for any further public input before being approved.
“This isn’t happening with our legislature,” he said. “People at the capitol have forgotten they have to govern. It’s a lose-lose politics.”
Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel noted that he thinks it’s a behavioral issue in the legislature and asked how Cornett would change that behavior.
Cornett said electing him will show the legislature that the people of Oklahoma are fed up with how things are being ran.
“I don’t go in saying it has to be done this way. I want the best way,” he said.
Cornett said that he thinks he ran for governor at the perfect time and it’s been going really well.
“The legislative sessions have been disappointing. People are fed up. They’re ready for an outsider,” he said.
Cornett also was asked a question about the Oklahoma City stoplight to be put at Mustang Road and 44th Street by Renee Peerman, executive director of the Mustang Chamber of Commerce, but he advised her to talk to her OKC councilman for information.

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