Juvenile center proposes $8.6M budget

EL RENO — A proposed $8.6 million budget for the Gary E. Miller Canadian County ChiLdren’s Justice Center was tabled Monday to give officials more time to review the proposal.

Rhonda Moss, the human resources director for the facility, told commissioners the budget is basically flat when compared with last year’s, although it does include 3 percent merit-based pay hikes, as well as stipends for insurance coverage.

These are the same salary increases that have been approved by the Canadian County commissioners for other county’s employees.

The budget does not go through the excise board, officials said Monday, because it is not part of the general budget.

Commissioner Marc Hader said he had not had an opportunity to review the proposed budget and wanted to time go through the documents. He asked that it be tabled indefinitely.

The proposed budget includes $1,360,416.65 in carryover from the 2016-17 budget.

Projected revenues are about $535,701.06 per month. That totals $6,428,412.72 for the year. The majority of the revenue comes from a countywide sales tax approved in 1996. For September, that sales tax generated $593,807.48. That is up almost $90,000 over last September’s returns.

In addition, the budget projects $895,957 in additional revenue. Much of those monies come from contracts the county has with other counties for bed space at the juvenile detention center.

Almost 70 percent of the budget is for personal services at $6,036,586. Maintenance and operations is the only other category that is more than 10 percent of the budget. It accounts for $895,000. Juvenile investigators are budgeted at $788,988.24.

Meanwhile, the commissioners agreed to allow the county assessor’s office to seek bids for digital data creation and collection services.

Assessor Matt Wehmueller said the proposal would completely digitize the assessor’s data, allowing for betted accuracy, which in turn will help with the county’s assessment.

It would involve up to 70,000 parcels of property, Wehmuller said.

In other action, the county commissioners:

  • Approved the 2018 holiday schedule. It follows the state’s holiday schedule with the exception of the Christmas holiday. The state’s holiday schedule includes Dec. 25 and Dec. 26. However, the county will use Dec. 24 and Dec. 25, which was the preference of county employees who were surveyed.
  • Approved a bid from Ezell’s Refrigeration of El Reno for the replacement of heat and air condition systems at the county administration building. Ezell’s bid was $700,590. It was the second lowest bid of those received last week. The lowest bid was from Waggoner Mechanical of Norman. However, it did not meet the specifications that were sought, nor did it include electrical work that is needed, according to county officials.
  • Declared two pieces of equipment as surplus for District 1, and allowed them to be transferred to District 2. The equipment is used for chip-and-seal work on roadways.
  • Approved a proposal to bids for a project on Waterloo Road. The project is being partially funded through a $100,000 grant.
  • Approved a proposal to advertise for a construction broom, which is a piece of equipment used to brush up debris on road projects.
  • Approved amended road-crossing permits for Cimarex Energy Co. The projects already are underway.
  • Approved crossing permits for ONEOK and Oklahoma Natural Gas.
  • Approved an agreement with Dewey County for prisoner bed space. The county will pay $18 per day per prisoner.
  • Approved the disposal of various equipment for the sheriff’s office.

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