Mustang named one of the best places to live

Mustang, Oklahoma is one of the best places to live in the U.S., according to Money Magazine.

The City of Mustang was named one of the Best Places to Live 2017 by Time INC.’s Money, in partnership with

Money is a publication of Time Magazine that helps readers invest sensibly, plan wisely, and spend smartly so they can achieve their goals, according to

Out of the top 100 cities, Mustang was No. 88 and was the only Oklahoma city to make the list.

The list represents the best of America’s towns and cities: places that offer economic opportunity, a sense of community, and access to amenities that make life more enjoyable, read an Editor’s Note from Adam Auriemma, editor of Money.

Money chose the list of cities by looking at places with populations between 10,000 and 100,000. They eliminated any place that had more than double the national crime risk, less than 85 percent of its state’s median household income, or a lack of ethnic diversity. After that, they were left with 2,400 places to look at.

They then collected about 170,000 different data points to narrow the list.

The data points included:

  • Economic health, which was based on local unemployment rate, historical job growth and the level of employment opportunities available.
  • Cost of living, which was based on median household income, tax burden, insurance costs, commuting costs, medical spending, utility and home expenses.
  • Public education, which was based on math and reading test scores and local and county level high school graduation rates.
  • Crime, which was based on property and violent crime risk as well as homicide and drug overdose rates.
  • Housing, which was based on which was based on Housing Affordability Index and Housing Growth Index at county level, plus other housing statistics available at
  • Ease of living, which was based on commute times, weather and other factors.
  • Amenities, which was based on number of doctors and hospitals in the area as well as number of leisure activities in the town and surrounding area.

All the data points were provided by Money’s research partner WitLytic. Data on housing market costs and growth were provided by

We put the greatest weight on economic health, cost of living factors, and public school performance, wrote Kerri Anne Renzulli with Money.

After looking at the data, reporters researched each location, interviewed residents, checked out neighborhoods and searched for factors that don’t show up in statistics.

To ensure a geographically diverse set, we limited the list to no more than four places per state and two per county. In the top 15, we allowed only one place per state, Renzulli wrote.

Melissa Helsel, community development director for the City of Mustang, credited the people of Mustang for making the city one of the Best Places to Live 2017.

I am so proud of all the employees, citizens, board members, developers and business owners who work together to keep the quality of life in Mustang so high,” Helsel said. “It is a team effort.  I think Mustang is on the list because quality of life is our top priority.”

Visit for the full list of Best Places to Live 2017.

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