Youngblood won’t seek third term on Yukon school board

After serving two terms, Yukon School Board member Karen Youngblood has announced that she will not seek a third term.

Youngblood made her announcement during the Yukon School Board meeting last week.

Youngblood said she plans to fulfill her current five-year term, which ends in February. She was first elected in 2008 and serves Post No. 3.

Youngblood, in a statement, said that parents belong on the school board.

“Although we are fortunate to have two active grandparents currently on our board well — three if I include myself as I am both parent and grant parent — there is nothing like knowing exactly what a vote from the horseshoe immediately does to your kids and your household. I do not have to ask anyone else or guess; I know, because I lived it every day for 10 years,” she said.

Youngblood said she was proud of the school board’s accomplishments, including the passage of the this week’s bond issue, as well as the 2008 bond issue that led to the construction of the Yukon High School facilities.

She also pointed out that a number of buildings in the district have been improved and will be improved in the near future.

Youngblood says she pledged during her election in 2013 that she would not seek a third term.

“I leave no ambiguity about my keeping my campaign promise five years ago. This will have been my final term, which I will serve out to the end, as I swore an oath to the people who elected me to do,” she said.

Youngblood said her time on the board has been an adventure.

“Ten years ago, I started a journey — one that has taken me through three superintendents, nine fellow board members, a whole lot of changes in administrative staff and structure, and hundreds of the most amazing faculty and staff members who interact every school day with our thousands of kids so full of promise. And most of it … no, all of it … I wouldn’t change for a minute,” she said.

Zone No. 3 represents an area generally west of County Line Road at U.S. 66 west to Mustang Road and north to E. Wagner Road.

The filing period for the seat is Dec. 4 through Dec. 6 at the Canadian County Election Board.

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