Sales tax returns show growth in Yukon

Sales tax returns continued to grow across most of Canadian County in September, according to a new report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

El Reno, Calumet and Okarche saw declines for the month.

Calumet was down about $1,000 for the month, falling to $21,203.05. Last year’s September returns were $22,816.60.

El Reno saw a decline, falling from $950,261 to $857,678. El Reno’s returns in August were $1,387,013.

While its sales tax slipped, El Reno saw a huge gain in use tax, jumping more than $400,000. Last year’s return was $53,177.79. This year’s was $455,561.35.

Sales tax returns in Yukon continue to climb, jumping to $1,911,160.53 from $1,717,426.96 last September. The September check also is up from last month’s check, when Yukon received $1,834,335.82.

Yukon’s use tax also increased by $35,000. This year’s use tax, which is money derived from internet sales and sales outside of the city, was $112,889.66. Last year, the city received $77,976.19.

Mustang’s returns were up by about $20,000 over last year’s check, but were virtually unchanged from August.

Mustang received $876,195.15, while the September 2016 check was $855,400.79. In August, the check was for $876,282.62.

Mustang’s use tax check, however, was down. Last September, Mustang received a check for $56,164.18. This year’s check was $46,167.76.

Piedmont, which receives checks for business in both Canadian and Kingfisher counties, saw an increase in both checks.

The Canadian County business check was for $176,497.04. That is up about $13,000 from last year’s check, and also is up from the August check of $172,480.32.

The Kingfisher County business check was $1,701.45, up about $200.

Piedmont’s use tax check was $20,364.40. Last year’s check was $8,310.53.

Okarche’s sales tax declined in September, falling to $35,673.46 based on business from Canadian County. Last year’s check was $39,597.31.

However, its check from Kingfisher County business jumped substantially, climbing to $64,764.96 from $36,663.68.

Okarche’s use tax for Canadian County business also slipped, falling to $697.44 from $806.87.

Use tax, however, was up for Kingfisher County business, rising to $11,707.51 from $2,727.24.

Union City’s sales tax increased from $14,329.37 last year to $49,236.86. Last month, Union City received a check for $34,900.23.

Union City use tax check was down, dropping from $6,589.24 to $3,826.76.

Canadian County’s sales tax generated $593,807.48 in revenue. That is up from $504,744.05.

The September returns were down from sales in August, when the county received a check for $680,178.82.

In all, sales tax checks provided more than $6,075,523 in revenue to communities in the county. Last year, the total was $5,457,945.

The distribution to Canadian County cities was included in more than $145,698,555 returned to by the state tax commissioner. The checks represent business that was conducted from July 16 to Aug. 15.

The distribution reflects an increase of $8,358,693 in sales, according to the release.

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