Canadian County officials OK $21M budget for 2018

Canadian County workers can expect a pay increase in November after county officials approved a $21 million budget Monday.

The budget is about $2 million larger than last year’s.

The raise, according to officials, will be an average of 3 percent.

Each department will receive a block of funds and will determine how much of a raise each employee is to be given. It will not be an across-the-board raise, officials said.

Meanwhile, the salaries of chief deputies will be aligned at $54,480. That is up from $52,368.

And the county’s elected officials will receive a pay increase as well, jumping to $67,752 up from $65,760. That is about a 3 percent raise, but is still below the salaries of elected officials in Oklahoma, Tulsa and Cleveland counties.

According to officials in the payroll department, the raises will be retroactive to July 1, and will be included in the employees’ second check in November.

County Clerk Sherry Murray said the cost of the pay raises, including benefits, is $382,274.

In addition, employees participating in the county’s insurance program also will receive a monthly stipend to help offset rising cost of insurance coverage.

Employees will receive a $673 stipend for insurance coverage. That is up from $641 per month last year.

In addition, employees who include their dependents on their insurance plan will receive an additional stipend of $50.

The 2018 budget is $21,367,132.

Most agency budgets have remained flat when compared to last year.

However, a few agencies did request increases.

The district attorney’s office’s budget is up by almost 39 percent. That number includes the addition of an attorney to focus on civil matters.

Also up substantially is the general government budget. That budget is up by 28 percent, and includes the addition of $344,006 in reserve funds, bringing the total of reserves to $1.770 million.

The county also has agreed to help foot the bill for the new assistant district attorney. That is a $50,000 increase over the previous year.

Murray said with the raises and stipend, the county expects to have about $98,000 that is unencumbered.

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