Vote yes on 2017 Yukon bond issue

On Tuesday, Yukon voters will go to the polls to vote “yes” or “no” on the Yukon Public Schools bond issue for 2017.

As the managing editor of the Yukon Review, I can say that our staff at the Yukon Review and I are in full support of the bond issue for Yukon Public Schools.

A “yes” vote on the 2017 bond issue is a vote for the children of Yukon, both current Yukon Public Schools students and future students.

This bond issue includes a new elementary/intermediate school in the Yukon Public Schools district and as one of the fastest growing school districts in the state in the fastest growing county in the state, a new school is vital for the future success of this district.

Technology is a major component in learning in today’s age and as our society continues to make technology a bigger part of the world, having better technology in our schools will be important for our children’s future. More advanced classrooms, better computers, instructional software, chrome books, security software and intercom systems are all included in this bond issue.

The band, fine arts and drama programs are several of the top extra-curricular programs Yukon Public Schools provides. As the student population increases, improvements are needed in these areas. This bond will include new uniforms, a new trailer for the marching band, new instruments, new sound systems and new microphones.

New textbooks, chrome books for students, instructional software and better library resources are included in this bond, which all will help enhance the learning experience for our youth as they grow through Yukon Public Schools.

The Performing Arts Center is one of the top facilities in Yukon Public Schools but it also needs improvements, as YPS continues to grow and expand. A new lighting system, a new sound system and a mezzanine upgrade are all included in this bond issue.

An overall facility upgrade will take place if this bond issue passes Tuesday. There will be more security cameras added, security entrances, building renovations, carpet improvements, classroom furniture improvements, better heat and air conditioning units and new roofs on buildings in the district.

Also, better and new playground equipment will be added district wide.

Sports are big component of Yukon Public Schools and while the Millers possess the best overall athletic facilities in the state, there are improvements that need to be made. With this bond issue, there will be new track and turf surfaces implemented at the middle school and high school.

Transportation is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a successful public school district. This bond issue will include new route buses, new activity buses and new maintenance vehicles to ensure the safety of our children as they travel around the state.

Yukon Public Schools is one of the best public school districts in not only the state of Oklahoma but the entire nation. It is our job as a community to ensure that does not change and with this bond issue that is one way we can help.

We are approaching 9,000 students in the entire YPS district, so we need to make sure that all of our students are given the best possible opportunity to learn and be successful. I am voting yes this Tuesday. You should do the same.

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