Meaningful donation: Myrick family gives $5,000 to Parkland Elementary Speech Pathology Program

Yukon residents Matt and Sara Myrick donated $5,000 to the speech pathology program at Parkland Elementary and to speech language pathologist Debroah Doggett this week.

The $5,000 donation is the largest private donation given to Parkland Elementary.

The Myrick’s daughter Halle is four-years-old and in the speech pathology program at Parkland under Doggett. Halle has moderate to severe verbal apraxia, which is a neurological speech disorder that affects the timing and accuracy of speech.

Sara Myrick said the couple made the donation because of the Parkland program’s success.

“Debbie (Doggett) has been incredible with Halle,” Sara Myrick said. “We wanted to give back and show our appreciation for her and the entire program.”

Sara Myrick said she and Matt were able to do an early intervention on Halle when she was two years old and that has helped immensely in their daughter’s progression.

Doggett said verbal apraxia requires more intensive therapy than other speech disorders.

“Verbal apraxia does require a more intensive speech therapy,” Doggett said. “It requires about three-times as much therapy. We want to raise awareness for the disorder, so we can get children who have Verbal Apraxia to start therapy at a young age.”

The $5,000 donation will not only benefit Parkland Elementary students, but it will benefit all Yukon Public Schools students with speech disorders.

“We trust Debbie (Doggett) to use the donation in the best interest of our students,” Parkland Elementary Principal Lance Haggard said. “Debbie does an amazing job with this program and we are truly thankful to the Myrick’s for this generous donation.”

Doggett said the donation will be used for classroom materials and for software to help her students with speech disorders.

“The software programs we need are more costly but they are vital for our students’ progression,” Doggett said. “The software provides the ability to train students from word level into their connective speech level in a more organized and systematic way.”

Doggett has been a speech language pathologist in Yukon schools for 25 years. She said she has never received a donation like this in her time in Yukon.

“I am just so thankful to the Myricks,” Doggett said. “We are going to use this donation to benefit our children and help in their speech progression.”

Parkland Elementary is a special place for Matt Myrick. His experiences with the school dates into his childhood years.

Matt Myrick attended Parkland Elementary and had Haggard as one of his teachers. He graduated in 1999 from Yukon High School and was an All-State wrestler for the Millers.

The Myrick’s are heavily involved with raising awareness for verbal apraxia.

On Sept. 30, they will participate in the 2017 Oklahoma City Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech. The event will take place at the Earlywine Park Pavilion, 3033 SW. 119 St. in Oklahoma City.

To make a donation to the event and to support the fight against verbal apraxia, go to and make your donation.

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