Mustang looks to clean up mistakes in week two vs. Norman

By Michael Kinney, Contributing Writer

Mustang couldn’t have started off its season much better, as the Broncos beat down rival Yukon.
However, Coach Jeremy Dombek wasn’t totally impressed with what he saw.
“The first-team defense played about as good as we can ask for a kid to play. Very, very pleased with our game plan our coaches put together. They executed it,” Dombek said. “Offensively, a little disappointed to be honest with you. Especially having to settle for a field goal there, when we had a short field. And it all stemmed from penalties and early downs. False starts, things like that. We’ve got to clean that stuff up.”
The Broncos will have to clean those miscues up when they host Norman High at 7 p.m. Friday at Bronco Stadium. The coaching staff especially wants the team to focus on getting rid of the penalties they amassed in the opener.
“It’s just a matter of showing them what’s going on. Film study, like look, this is the situation, this is what we did. We’ve got to correct it,” Dombek said. “They’re experienced players, and I think a lot had to do with kind of an antsiness of the first game and the hype that surrounded it. But you don’t have 11 penalties. That’s too much. We can’t do that. We want to stay under six, that’s kind of an average for a regular football game. Eleven is just too many, and most of them came on the offense side of the ball. We’ve got to do something to correct that.”
Despite putting up big numbers and yards against the Millers, Mustang’s offense is nowhere near its potential, according to the MHS coaches.
“We don’t think we played as good offensively as we’re capable of,” Dombek said. “And that’s probably going to be the case all year, because we have such high expectations on that side of the ball. But all in all, we got a win for us, and you got to get it over with and we’re ready to get on to the next one.”
Against the Tigers, the Broncos are facing a team that has shown it can put up points and. They took Norman North down to the wire in the Norman Clash last week before losing in the end.
“Coach Lawrence has done a great job. They’ve got a lot of talent, very athletic in every aspect,” Dombek said. “Quarterback is a great player. Just see what they did in week one. You’re talking about going against Norman North, who is the defending state runner up. That’s what beat us out in the semi-finals a year ago, and they’ve taken down the wire and only got beat 49-43. Obviously, they are a potent offense. It presents a lot of challenges to us. It’s a whole different style than we’ve been preparing for, and so we got to flip the switch and prepare for a new scheme and a whole different type of athlete.”
But Mustang’s biggest opponent may be themselves and not having a letdown after a big victory.
“I’d like to say no because we really do stress here that each game’s different. Each game is important. It’s a whole new week,” Dombek said. “We enjoyed the Yukon win for about 30 minutes, afterwards. And then it was on to the next one. Hopefully, we captured our players’ attention with how we go about our business and during the week”


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