Tough road test: Execution is the focus for Yukon in week two at Norman North

It doesn’t get any easier for Yukon in week two of the season when the Millers take on Norman North on the road at 7 p.m. Friday.

The Timberwolves are 1-0 on the year after defeated Norman 49-43 last Thursday. Yukon will have its hands full of another high-octane offense with Norman North but the Wolves are different than Mustang.

“They are very much a big play, quick strike offense,” Yukon coach Jeremy Reed said. “They are extremely explosive and depend on the big play. They have one of the best receivers in the state in Drake Stoops. He’s a tremendous high school receiver.”

Reed said he wants to see a lot of improvement from week one to week two from his team.

“We need to do our jobs correctly,” Reed said. “Our guys have to execute the job that they have been given. After watching the film on last week’s game, it was exactly what we thought during the game. We had guys in position to do their jobs but they didn’t execute. We weren’t the most physical team in that game and that can’t happen. We are going to address that this week in practice.”

Even though Norman North is known for its offense, Reed said he thinks the T-Wolves have a good defense.

“They are solid on the defensive side of the ball,” Reed said. “Their secondary is very physical. We are going to have to play a much better offensive game this Friday.”

Despite the 31-14 loss to the Broncos in week one, Reed said he is encouraged going forward with his team.

“If we had gone out there and played our best football and they would have whipped us, it would have been very discouraging but we didn’t execute what we wanted to do and if we would have early, the game would have been very different. We can correct our mistakes and we will focus on getting that done.”

With Stoops garnering most of the attention in this game, Reed said it would be easy to focus on solely stopping him Friday night but he said their needs to be balance defensively.

“You can’t just focus on one guy,” Reed said. “Obviously, he is a great player and we need to do what we can to try and slow him down but they have a lot of good players on offense and if we just focus on him, someone else will beat us. We have to have balance defensively and be disciplined to try and slow their entire offensive down.”

Reed said the offense needs to be a lot better Friday night but he wants to see a lot of improvement on a particular down.

“First down is huge for us,” Reed said. “It’s important for every offense but we have to be better on first down. We need to stay ahead of the chains. We can’t have negative plays or penalties that put us in a tough spot. I was probably the most shocked person in the stadium last Friday with how our offense played. I’ve said all along that this offense will take time to gel but based on how we played in our scrimmages, I thought we would execute much better than we did. We have to get better in a hurry going forward.”

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