Sales tax figures continue to climb

It was another bright month for sales tax returns across Canadian County, according to the latest report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
Mustang’s sales tax jumped from $852,043.54 last August to $876,282.62 this August.
Although sales tax is up compared to last year, Mustang’s sales tax is down almost $56,771 since last month.
Mustang’s use tax also rose to $46,574.89 from $33,014.93. This month’s use tax is also up from last month’s $39,173.
Use tax is a tax charged against items purchased over the Internet or purchased elsewhere for use in the city.
Meanwhile, every community in the county saw increases in both sales tax and use tax from last August, with the exception of Okarche, which receives funding from both Kingfisher and Canadian counties.
For August, Yukon received $1,834,335.22. That is up from $1,790,060 from last August.
It also was slightly higher compared to the July returns, which were $1,823,888.
The report also indicated that the city’s use tax returns were up as well, jumping from $109,508.27 to $133,157.06.
The amount that Okarche received from Canadian County business declined from $56,684.94 to $37,916.99 compared to last year.
However, the Kingfisher portion increased slightly from $38,584.41 to $42,640.45.
Okarche did not receive any use tax in August for Canadian County sales. Last year, there was $10,918.13 in returns.
El Reno’s sales tax jumped more than $600,000 for the month, climbing from $769,963.28 to $1,387,013.39. El Reno also saw a huge increase in use tax. It increased to $556,321.81 from $57,447.90.
Geary, which receives funds from both Blaine and Canadian counties, saw an increase in sales tax from $194.41 to $343.62 for business from Canadian County.
The big news for Geary was in use tax, which generated $57,495.77 compared to last year’s $18,712.55.
Piedmont’s check represents business in Canadian and Kingfisher counties.
For Canadian County business, it jumped from $9,846.52 to $16,723.12. In Kingfisher County business, it jumped from $1,665.62 to $3,974.95.
Use tax jumped from $155,945.90 to $172,480.32 for business in Canadian County.
Union City saw its sales tax check jump to $34,900.23 compared to $23,566.28 for last August.
Union City’s use tax check also increased, although only slightly. It went from $1,426.68 to $1,505.92.
The county’s sale tax payment jumped from $464,449.35 to $680,178.82.
The use tax check increased from $29,184.95 to $112,671.02.

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