Future of Mustang, Yukon football in good hands

When Yukon and Mustang go to battle on the football field Friday at Bronco Stadium, there will be two Jeremy’s on the field manning the sidelines for each team.
On the Mustang sideline, it will be Jeremy Dombek, who is entering his fifth season as the face of Bronco football and on the Yukon sideline, will be Jeremy Reed, who is entering his first season as the man-in-charge for the Millers.
Dombek has established himself in 6A-1 as one of the top coaches in the state. His record at Mustang is 30-21 overall but in his four years with the Broncos, he has never missed the playoffs and has gone to the state semifinals twice.
Reed has had great success everywhere he has coached in his career but he has yet to coach at the highest level in the state. He begins that road Friday.
While the two schools, communities and towns go at it all week leading up to the big game, let’s sit back and take a look at how fortunate we are to have two great coaches leading the two biggest football programs in Canadian County.
Dombek and the Broncos are on the brink of becoming the west-side of the state’s premier team. They have battled Edmond Santa Fe, Southmoore, Westmoore and Norman North for that title over the past decade and with Santa Fe on the decline and Southmoore losing most of its top players, Mustang is on the rise.
Yukon has had a rough couple of years. The Millers have a combined record of 2-18 in the past two seasons and went the dreaded 0-10 in 2016 but Reed and his staff are changing the culture in the Miller football program. If Reed accomplishes what he has set out to accomplish, Yukon will be on the track to join that conversation as one of the state’s better teams on the west side.
Dombek and Reed have different philosophies when it comes to schemes and systems on the field but they are very similar when it comes to running a high school football program.
Dombek took over a Mustang program in 2013 that had already had success in recent years under Ty Prestidge, so there was no rebuilding that needed to take place for the Broncos. He brought a sense of toughness Mustang was lacking. The Broncos had been known for years to be a spread offense that passed the ball all over the field.
They were good at it but when it came to playing the big boys in the state’s largest class, it came up short.
Dombek brought in a staff that brought physicality to Mustang football and the Broncos began to turn the corner on some teams that had traditionally struggled against. Now, the next step for Mustang is taking down Jenks and Union.
For Reed and Yukon, there is a culture change and a rebuilding phase that has to take place before the Millers climb the ladder into the upper realm of 6A-1. However, Reed has already instilled a tougher mindset and brought that same physicality to Yukon that Dombek did to Mustang.
Yukon most likely will not bring home a gold ball in 2017 but these players will lay the foundation for the future of the program.
So, regardless of who you are rooting for Friday, let’s take a moment and be thankful for the two Jeremy’s that are leading the county’s two largest high school football programs.

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