County employees to receive free immunizations

Employees of Canadian County won’t have to take time off from work to get their fall immunization shots this year after the county and Walmart agreed to offer an in-house clinic.

Kathy Henry, a pharmacy clinical services manager for Walmart, said her company will bring a clinic to the employees of the county.

The county has 366 employees.

Henry said they plan to provide two clinics, allowing employees an opportunity to take advantage of either. They will provide a variety of immunizations, including the flu shot.

Employees who are part of the insurance program will not have a co-pay, while those who are not part of the insurance program will pay $20 for the shots.

The proposal was presented a couple of weeks ago, but was tabled to give officials an opportunity to check with the health department, which has provided immunizations in the past.

County officials said the health department, based on budget cuts, recommended using the Walmart proposal.

The clinics will be offered between Sept. 30 and Nov. 30. However, the exact dates have not been determined.

One official said the county is trying to make it easy and convenient for employees to receive the immunizations.

Also Monday, the commissioners said they will begin looking for a way to require permits for companies installing temporary water lines. No such requirement is now in place, said Commissioner Jack Stewart.

He asked for permission to begin formulating a permitting option that would require companies seeking temporary permits to offer both a bond and pay for a permit. The bond would cover any damage caused by their work.

The permits would be for utility companies working in the county’s right of way.

In other action, the commissioners:

  • Approved a contract with Chester Construction Co. to renovated four restrooms at the county’s administration building. The contract is for $37,590 and was the only bid received;
  • Approved a request from Christine Orr to donate 24 hours of sick leave to her son, John Orr. Christine Orr works at the sheriff’s office while John Orr works at with the District 1 road crew. John Orr’s wife recently gave birth, which resulted in complications.
  • Approved the payment of services associated with the acquisition of right of way for a road project;
  • Approved road crossing permits for OneOk Field Services;
  • Approved an agreement with the Mustang Public Schools to offer alternative education services at the Children’s Justice Center;
  • Approved an agreement between Mustang schools and the sheriff’s office to provide two deputies for Mustang North Middle School, Mustang Trails Elementary, Mustang Creek Elementary, Mustang Valley Elementary, Prairie View Elementary and Canyon Ridge Elementary schools. All of the schools are outside of the Mustang Police Department’s jurisdiction.
  • Approved a maintenance agreement with American Drones for maintenance of the county’s two drones;
  • Approved an agreement with the Washita County jail for bed space to house prisoners. The fee is $18 per inmate per day;
  • Approved the disposal of several vehicles that were sold at auction;
  • Approved the sale of a piece of property that had been obtained for back taxes. The property was acquired in June 2006 and was sold to Lonnie and Catherine Duncan for $100. The property is adjacent to the Duncans’ property, and they had been maintaining it for several years, officials were told.

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