Bedlam has arrived: Yukon, Mustang meet in annual Canadian County clash

Yukon and Mustang will play their annual Bedlam game on the gridiron at 7 p.m. Friday at Bronco Stadium on the campus of Mustang High School.

For Miller head coach Jeremy Reed, this will be his first taste of Yukon/Mustang.

“It’s very exciting,” Reed said. “It’s a great week for the schools, great week for the communities. It’s just a great way to start the football season for the two communities.”

Mustang has dominated the rivalry over the past three seasons with one-sided victories. Yukon will look to change the tide come Friday.

Reed said he has learned some about the rivalry since he came to Yukon last January but he will learn a lot more Friday night.

“There is not a whole lot of like between the two schools,” Reed said. “I am not going to use the word hate but there is not a lot of like there. It’s been one-sided of late, so one side feels really confident right now and they have earned that right. I expect there to be super-intense play on the field but I don’t expect there to be dirty play.”

Reed said he doesn’t expect to have to give a raw, raw speech this week.

“These young men are so fortunate to get to play in front of this type of crowd in this type of game every year because not every high school football player gets to do this,” Reed said. “These kids will remember this game and this atmosphere forever. Getting to play in front of 10,000 plus fans is pretty awesome.”

One thing Reed said he and his staff will have to get through to their team is that this game does not define the season.

“Whether we win or lose this game, it can have a negative effect,” Reed said. “If you win it, you can get to high and lose focus and intensity for the remainder of your schedule. If you lose it, you can get down on yourself and lose the same focus and intensity. Obviously, we want to win it and we are going to do everything in our power to go and win this game but it does not define our season.”

Reed said the main objective is to get better each week and prepare for district play.

“This game will be a step for us to getting to where we want to go and that is playing our best football when we enter district play,” Reed said. “We need to improve every week and it starts Friday night. We understand it’s important but have to get better and prepare ourselves for our district.”

Mustang comes into the match up after reaching the 6A-1 semifinals last year. Reed said he is impressed with the Broncos.

“They are a solid team,” Reed said. “They are going to have a really solid offense and they are really good at the area it takes to be a good football team, they have a really impressive offensive line. They are good in the backfield, they have talented wide receivers and they have a young but very talented defense. They are extremely well-coached and disciplined. We are going to have our hands full but I believe they are going to have their hands full with us as well. I don’t believe we are inferior to them in any way. They have the experience factor over us right now but if you take that away, there is not a lot of differences between us and them.”

In the past three years, Mustang has been able to jump on Yukon out of the gate and put them down early. Reed said starting strong is important.

“We need to start strong in this game,” Reed said. “I like the mindset of our kids and I believe we will get off to a good start. One thing we have to guard against is to throw away the game plan if things don’t go well early. We will have a plan and we need to stick to the plan. The most important key in this game for us is to be who we are.”

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