Council ponders comprehensive plan until next meeting

City Manager Tim Rooney, Mayor Jay Adams and City Council members have played an active role in helping develop the “Imagine Mustang” comprehensive plan with the help of citizens’ feedback.
Imagine Mustang is about planning for what the City of Mustang’s future will look like.
The last time the city updated its comprehensive plan was in 2003.
Councilwoman Linda Hagan wanted to remind citizens that Imagine Mustang is just a plan set in place to help guide future decisions, not an action or a budget.
Adams agreed with Hagan and added that this is just giving the city a blueprint of where to go next if able.
“It’s something that helps guide us,” Adams said.
Adams also added that the plan will only go into effect in the future if developers and property owners allow it.
“This is the combination of a little bit over a year’s worth of work,” said Melissa Helsel, community development director, to the Council. “We have collected citizens’ feedback in many different ways and the result is to be presented to you tonight.”
Rick Leisner with HALFF Associates presented the plan during last week’s City Council meeting.
“This is an exciting opportunity. We have had a tremendous outpouring of input and engagement with you all in many different manners. Sometimes it’s even created record-setting numbers that we’ve received,” Leisner said during the meeting. “I can tell you one thing—the citizens of Mustang care about Mustang, and you all are evidently involved in keeping that leadership going.”
The new comprehensive plan kicked off phase one a little more than a year ago beginning with a kick-off meeting. Phase one was about project initiation and the status of Mustang. The project then continued through stakeholder interviews in August 2016, forming a steering committee in August 2016 and launching a project website in September 2016.
The steering committee is made up of eight people:
—Jay Adams, mayor,
—Jess Schweinberg, City Council member,
—Tim Rooney, city manager,
—Jesse Bratton, planning commission and board of adjustment,
—Charles Bradley, deputy superintendent for Mustang Public Schools,
—Morgan Shepard, city planner,
—Renee Peerman, executive director for the Mustang Chamber of Commerce, and
—Melissa Helsel, community development director.
Phase two, the citywide vision plan, began with a community survey administered from September through December 2016, being present at Mustang’s Western Days event in September 2016 to use a booth to inform citizens about the plan and have them fill out the surveys, having a planning charrette in October 2016, doing the major product with alternative scenarios and results, hosting public workshop No. 1 in November 2016, and looking at the product’s preferred scenarios.
Phase three, which included the actual comprehensive plan and implementation, began with public workshop No. 2 in May of this year, a draft comprehensive plan, more meetings and finally adopting the comprehensive plan.
The Planning Commission met July 25 to be presented Imagine Mustang, then recommended the plan to City Council Aug. 8.
Imagine Mustang has 12 chapters and the vision of the plan was fully developed based on citizens’ feedback during the process.
The plan has different scenarios, but Leisner explained that it creates an opportunity for the City of Mustang to link things together while working with retailers and business owners. The plan also included more pedestrian streets and landscaping for the city.
Leisner also explained that only two thirds of Mustang is currently developed and this plan will help complete Mustang in the future.
There were no action items in regards to the Imagine Mustang comprehensive plan on last Tuesday’s meeting because it was just for presentation and discussion of Council. The Council will vote to approve or disapprove the plan during the Sept. 5 City Council meeting.
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