Yukon’s key Factor: Chyenne Factor is Yukon High School’s top athlete

The No. 1 athlete at Yukon High School in my top-30 athletes list is senior softball player Chyenne Factor.

Factor is the most dominant force in her sport at Yukon and is arguably the most dominant force in softball across the state.

The Oklahoma State University commit is a must-watch athlete if you live in the Yukon community. With the high school softball season underway, I strongly encourage all Yukon residents to get out to the Yukon High School softball complex and go and watch this young lady play softball because it is a privilege to have her in Yukon while we do.

In the middle of the Yukon softball lineup, Factor is the scariest hitter in the state. Her presence in the box forces opposing pitchers to think long and hard on how they want to attack her because she has no weaknesses in her swing.

Factor has the ability to take the ball out of the yard at any point of the field. She can hit a homerun just as easily to the opposite field as she can to the pull-side.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to cover Mustang High School graduate Jayden Chestnut and watch as she dominated teams from the pitcher’s circle. I remember thinking to myself, “I will never see another softball player as dominant as her for the rest of my career.”

How wrong I was.

Factor is just as dominant at the plate as Chestnut was in the circle. In 2014, Chestnut led Mustang to the softball state championship and there is no doubt that Factor can have that same affect on the Yukon team this season.

It is rare that an athlete can come along and transcend a sport but that is exactly what Factor is doing at Yukon right now.

The Yukon softball team is one of the most talented teams at Yukon High School and is one of the most talented softball teams in the state but to win a state championship, you need that one player that is going to carry the bunch, even when times are tough throughout the season.

Factor will be that person for Yukon this season and if she can have the type of year she is capable of having for the Millerettes in 2017, Yukon will have will have a great chance to bring home the gold later this fall.

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