Yukon comes through … again

Yukon continues to prove that it is a great community. Residents here responded twice in the last week to make someone’s life better, and each situation was connected.

In both cases, the reaction helped two special needs children.

The first incident involved an 18-year-old David Pruett, who had his bike stolen from the shopping center parking lot. His mom arrived to find him frantically searching for his missing bike.

The mom, Carolyn Pruett, vented about her frustration and concerns on a social media site and the post went viral almost immediately with dozens of people offering to pitch in to buy her son a new bicycle.

Two hours later, a new bike was waiting on the teen … courtesy of the parents of another special needs child.

Barbara McElhaney, whose son Braedon also has a disability, and her husband offered the Pruetts a gently used bike. It did need a new chain, but otherwise was in almost-new condition.

Pruett said she was honored by the gift, but wasn’t surprised by the response. That’s just how Yukon is, she said.

Meanwhile, McElhaney’s son continued the gifting on Sunday. Braedon Brown celebrated his 12th birthday by asking those attending his birthday party, which was held as part of Fishing With Friends, to make a donation to Knock-out Bullying, the group that sponsored the event.

Braedon’s party raised almost $1,100 for the charity, as well as about a dozen pieces of fishing equipment and lots of tackle.

Braedon’s father, Chris Brown, said he was surprised how quickly the event grew from a small birthday party to almost 200 guests.

It’s that type of giving that makes Yukon a great community, one where everyone asks “What can I do for you?” not “what can I get out of this.”

Thanks Yukon for being a such a giving community.

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