For some, a first: Yukon welcomes 8,925 students

For Yukon’s more than 8,900 students, the first day of the new school year got off to a smooth start, said the district’s superintendent.

Dr. Jason Simeroth said there were a few transportation issues and a minor glitch at one school, but otherwise, the first day of class in the Yukon School District went smoothly.

“It went pretty well. We had limited issues. The buses were running smoothly and everyone got to school and home,” he said.

Simeroth did say that because of some bus route changes, some of the students arrived home a little later than normal, but otherwise everything went well.

“It is standard for the course for the first two or three days,” he said.

Also standard is the issue of parents learning where and how to drop of the children for class.

The only significant problem was at Lakeview Elementary School, where there was a brief power outage.

Simeroth said it may have been caused by recent upgrades in technology.

“It was very minor,” he said, pointing out that the problem was repaired very quickly.

Simeroth said the only other issues were normal first-day issues.

“We had a few moms and some kids who weren’t quite ready to depart yet. Sometimes for the moms of pre-K and kindergarten kids, it’s hard to let go of the kids,” he said.

Simeroth said the first day enrollment was 8,925. He expects that number to drop a bit over the next few weeks as the school determines who might have been enrolled, but moved to other districts.

He expects the final total to be around 8,825.

“We do a head count every day and won’t start dropping students until after Aug. 25,” he said. “I don’t think it will drop much.”

The final enrollment numbers will not be set until Oct. 1.

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