Local Heroes: Two firefighters awarded for saving a Mustang man’s life

Mustang Fire Department’s Corporals David Small and Buddy Corbin received the department’s Lifesaving Medal Tuesday from the man whose life they saved.
MFD was dispatched on the morning of May 28 in response to a call of an unresponsive male at 420 S. Cedar Springs Lane.
On arrival, Small and Corbin found a 42-year-old male in cardiac arrest. Bystander CPR was already being performed. The two corporals took over CPR and placed defibrillation pads on the patient. It was determined that the patient was in ventricular fibrillation, which is the most serious cardiac rhythm disturbance, according to the American Heart Association. He was defibrillated by the MFD crew, resulting in a return of circulation, Fire Chief Carl Hickman said during his presentation.
Mustang fire assisted with care for the patient as he was transported to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.
“The Lifesaving Medal is awarded to honor fire department members that through their hard work and dedication, assisted in the successful resuscitation of a human life. Upon recommendation from the fire department review committee, it is my privilege to award the Lifesaving Medal to Corporal Buddy Corbin and Corporal David Small,” Hickman said during his presentation.
Hickman wasn’t the one pinning the corporals with their Lifesaving Medals, but instead was honored by the man they saved, Steven Sharp, attending the meeting to do the pinning.
Sharp got to personally shake the hand, pin and thank each gentleman for saving his life back in May.
“Words can’t really express what I’m feeling today,” Sharp said during Tuesday’s presentation. “I get to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary today thanks to you guys. From the bottom of our hearts, the Sharp family, myself, we really thank you for our service to our community and what you did for us. Thank you.”

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  1. Tim on August 30, 2017 at 7:31 am

    What about the civilian that had already initiated CPR????? Seems to me they are more worthy of praise since they started CPR which they didn’t have to do. Not taking anything away from the fire fighters but come on!

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