Councilman announces resignation

Kevin Riley, Ward 1 councilman, announced Tuesday he would be resigning in September.
Riley and his wife decided to build their own home and their current home sold quicker than they anticipated. They will be closing at the end of September.
Riley will no longer be living in Ward I and therefore, can no longer serve as the Ward 1 councilman.
His resignation will be effective Sept. 30.
“I just want to say it has been an honor to serve with everybody on this council. I don’t think I can imagine anybody who cares more for this city than the people sitting to the left of me. They do a great job. It’s a tireless job. Just in the amount of time I’ve been here, every single person on this council cares for the city, they always want to do what’s right. I would challenge you to find anybody who cares more than these people,” Riley said during Tuesday’s meeting. “Thank you all for the opportunity that I’ve had with you and I look forward to watching Mustang continue to grow.”
Mayor Jay Adams said he thinks he speaks for everyone on the council that “it’s also been a pleasure for you to be with us.”
“You and your wife have been a great support, a great team to represent Ward 1. I use the cliché of team effort, but it’s a team effort with this group. I sure do appreciate your input and the way that you have approached things. Your background in HR has helped us tremendously in a lot of those questions. It’s been an honor,” Adams said.
Adams then joked about how he’s heard the divorce rate goes up when building a home together so “remember to love each other.”
Some Councilmembers joked with Riley about building a home, while others thanked him for his service on the council.
“Just learn to say yes mam,” joked Jess Schweinberg, Ward 6 councilman.
“We’ll certainly miss [Riley] and his wife,” said Terry Jones, Ward 4 councilman.
“It’s been an honor serving with you. Hopefully you’re not going too far,” said Brian Grider, Ward 3 councilman.
“I just want to say congrats and thank you,” said Josh Leete, Ward 2 councilman.
City Manager Tim Rooney said Riley always asks the questions that some elected officials may not want to ask and never shied away from tough issues.
“We appreciate your service. We always felt on a staff level that you were very supportive of us and we appreciate it,” Rooney said.

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