Yukon boy celebrates with friends: Birthday bash brings cash for program

Braedon Brown proved Sunday that he was a superhero when dozens of people attended his birthday party at the Route 66 Park near Lake Overholser.

Braedon, who turned 12, on Aug. 5 wanted to celebrate his birthday with his friends at Fishing With Friends, an event sponsored by Knock-Out Bullying.

Braedon said he didn’t want any birthday gifts this year, but asked those attending to make a donation to the cause.

Braedon, who is a special needs student at Yukon Middle School, said he wanted to do something for the program.

“I don’t like bullying. Bullies are mean,” Braedon said.

Braedon’s mom, Barbara McElhaney, said she and Braedon were discussing ideas for his party when he suggested having the event at the every-other-week fishing event that is held at Route 66 Park.

“I wanted to help Knock-Out Bullying to help them stop bullying,” he said.

McElhaney said she was proud of her son’s efforts, especially since it is a cause close to his heart.

She said that her son has been bullied in the past, and it is not unusual for special needs children to be targeted.

“Any special needs child is a target. It happens every day,” she said.

But, in Braedon’s case, the bullying occurs less that in the past. He has friends who stand by him and make sure he is not a target.

Braedon’s dad, Chris Brown, said his son’s efforts are special.

“I am proud beyond words. The kid has a big heart and is always looking out for other people,” he said.

Brown was looking around the pavilion as scores of people were fishing, eating hotdogs and enjoying themselves at the behest of his son.

“I couldn’t believe how big everything grew,” Brown said.

While Braedon requested donations for the program in lieu of gifts, there were still a few gifts.

But there were donations. McElhaney said they were hoping to raise about $1,000 for the program, but actually raised almost $1,100. In addition, about a dozen fishing rods and tackle were donated to the charity.

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