Mustang Police donate vehicles to agencies in need

The Mustang Police Department recently donated three surplus vehicles to law enforcement agencies in need with City Council’s help.
The three Ford Crown Victoria police vehicles were donated to the City of Harrah, Logan County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Nicoma Park.
The surplus vehicles came about after City Council approved a three-year municipal lease/purchase for five police vehicles with RCB Bank during the Aug. 1 meeting.
Police vehicles only have an expected service life, and Mustang’s vehicles were already eight years old and “had been thoroughly used,” Police Chief Robert Groseclose said.
“Smaller agencies have to have a different philosophy on the use of vehicles just simply out of necessity,” the chief added. “There’s still value to them—they’ll have to put quite a bit of work into them to make them good cars, but it’s definitely better than they had.”
Prior to becoming Mustang’s Chief of Police, Groseclose had previously worked at multiple locations, including the Logan County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Nicoma Park.
“I do know Nicoma Park has some cars because I’m familiar with their fleet for the most part, but I know that car would be a significant improvement for them,” Groseclose said.
All three departments were “super excited,” he added.
“I’m familiar with those smaller agencies’ budgets and how hard it is to put another car on the street. Sometimes it’s easier to pull equipment from a vehicle that they’re taking out of service—I’ll tell you personally, when I first started with my first police car I put 300,000 miles on it before they put it down. That’s how much use they get out of those vehicles—they run them until they just can’t run them anymore,” Groseclose said. “Mustang is interesting because they put a lot more hours on their vehicles than they do miles.”
He said they donated the vehicles to departments they knew had the need from talking with other chiefs at various get-togethers.
The department also donated two vehicles last year to the City of Spencer.
“Word of that got around and everybody with a need came and mentioned it,” he added.
They will also be giving one of the vehicles to Mustang Parks and Recreation, but these will probably be the last vehicles donated by the MPD.
Police departments typically get rid of surplus property by selling at an auction, but “you just don’t typically get anything for [the Crown Victorias],” Groseclose said.
“Fortunately, we have a Council and a city manager who would rather see value come out of them than a little money—there’s more of a value in trying to give them a second life than to just auction them off for a very, very minimal amount of money,” he said.
“The support from our Council and the city manager is what has made this happen. That’s what’s cool, it really is. I came from small agencies and I know exactly what it’s like to struggle and try to figure out where your next car is coming from. This was important to me to try to be able to give back.”

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