A new MPS Transportation director gets set for first year

Angela McClure, director of transportation for Mustang Public Schools, has had a busy month preparing for the new academic year.
McClure, who was previously the supervisor, was promoted to director after the former director retired. She began her time as director on July 11, but barely less than a month later is already posting bus schedules and routes for the 2017-18 year.
In her new position, McClure handles routing, hiring, managing the team and more. Although it’s been a busy month, she’s enjoying her time as the director.
At the time of the interview, McClure and her team in the transportation department were still diligently working to prepare the schedules and routes for this year, but the information should be finalized and posted at elementary open houses, and on the doors of the intermediate schools, middle schools and high school. McClure said she planned to have the schedules out by today.
“It’s quite extensive—we have 56 routes,” McClure said.
The routes go from near Western Heights to the halfway point between Cimarron Road and Gregory Road for east and west, and for north and south, they have some routes near Mustang Plant and all the way south to the river, she added.
The process for routing is about the same this year, but some of the Mustang North Middle School routes have been doubled up so they’ll drop one group of students off at 8:10 a.m. then go back for a second group of students.
“It’ll help ease some overcrowding up there,” McClure said.
Overcrowding is beginning to be an issue, especially on the middle school and high school routes, she said.
McClure attributed the overcrowding concern to the amount of new students and new homes in the MPS district.
“We’re growing so fast,” she said.
McClure said they are aware of the issue and try to make it as comfortable and safe as possible for all students.
For elementary students, the routes are usually kept to 55 students or less to bus. The intermediate schools are relatively low, she added.
They try to keep the middle and high school buses to 50 students or less.
“They have band instruments and other things, and they’re growing—for comfort, we try to keep them no more than two to a seat,” McClure said. “That’s what we’re struggling with.”
To accommodate for the overcrowding concern, the transportation department added one bus this year, as well as a special needs bus.
The transportation department has about 64 drivers, including substitutes, but they are still hiring.
Pay starts at $12.48 per hour with benefits for drivers. The benefits include health insurance, dental, vision, life insurance and Teachers Retirement. Interested applicants can visit www.mustangps.org/personnel.aspx to apply online, stop by the Mustang Transportation Office to fill out an application or call 376-2630 for more information.
The department is also hiring a couple of special needs aids.
McClure said she’s excited “for the whole process” and is looking forward to the year.
“I think it’ll be a great year,” McClure said. “We do bus academies at all of our elementary schools so we go into K through fourth and we talk to the children—whether they ride the bus or not because at some point they will be for field trips and stuff like that—about safety procedures and what’s expected within the first couple of weeks typically, and that’s always an exciting time.”
McClure wanted to remind parents that for the first couple of weeks back, they may not be right on schedule because they’re still working on learning their routes and traffic and other issues could get in the way.
“Just be patient, especially when we get to our middle and high school routes, we may be delayed some, but we will get there and get everybody picked up,” McClure said.
Any parents with questions or needing more information should call 376-2630.

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