Yukon Public Schools prepares to sell bonds

The sale of almost $10 million in bond money was approved Monday by the Yukon School Board.

The money is part of a bond package passed by voters in 2008, said Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth.

That money was used to construct Yukon High School’s building as well as several other projects.

Simeroth said this sale is for $9,975,000. There will be one additional sale next year for about $3.5 million to close out the current package.

The sale is scheduled for Aug. 29 at noon.

The board also selected the Floyd Law Firm to handled bond counsel services for the district.

Meanwhile, Simeroth said the district is gearing up for the start of the new school year. Classes are set to begin Aug. 17.

More than 115 new teachers were welcomed last week, and all teachers were scheduled to report this week.

Simeroth reiterated comments made last week that he is excited about the new class of teachers joining the district.

“We are ready to go. … I am probably most excited about the incoming group as any group I’ve been a part of here. … I’m really, really excited,” Simeroth said.

There are upcoming activities, including the teacher breakfast, which will be held Aug. 14 at the high school gymnasium.

During the board’s discussion of a number policy changes that are being considered, Board Member Leonard Wells asked about a change to the district valedictorian guidelines.

The new guidelines requires students to have a 4.0 weighted grade point average, complete five advanced placement classes in grades 9-12 and score at least a 31 on the ACT or 1,420 on the SAT. When taking concurrent classes as part of the six-hour day, the student must submit an official letter grade to be recorded in the transcript.

In addition, eighth-grade coursework will not be counted as part of the GPA, and students may receive no fewer than six credits per semester.

The previous criteria included receiving all As in grades 9 through 12, completing pre-AP and AP classes. Students were required to take at least five AP classes.

Simeroth said the policy is being changed to encourage students to participate in more rigorous classes to possibly become valedictorian.

The old policy will remain in place through the 2020 school year to allow students who already are in high school to qualify under old standards.

Simeroth said there was concern that some students might not participate because of how stringent the new requirements are.

“We felt if the policy is mixed, maybe more students will sign up for these AP or higher level courses. That will better prepare them for college,” he said.

The main focus on the dual policies is to allow students who are juniors and seniors to still qualify for valedictorian status under either policy, the superintendent said.

In other action, the board:

  • Approved the renewal of a contract for Rethink Ed, a program that works with special education students.]
  • Approved almost 30 policy changes. Most will go into effect in 30 days.
  • Approved Simeroth to serve as the purchasing agent for the school district.
  • Approved the teacher leader evaluation system for the school years.
  • Declared several pieces of equipment as surplus.
  • Approved a contract for secondary career and technology education programs.
  • Approved the transfer of funds from the High School FCCLA account to the middle school FCCLA account
  • Approved sanctioning requests from several booster organizations.
  • Approved a rental contract with the Jehovah’s Witness Circuit for the Fine Arts Center for Oct. 26-29.
  • Approved a travel request from Jana Ketner and Laci Thomas to attend the Daily 5 and CAFE workshop in Fort Worth.
  • Approved a personnel docket as presented by Simeroth.

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