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Up through the ranks: Fire chief, deputy to continue department’s progress

The two new leaders at the Yukon Fire Department say they have a goal to keep the department headed in the right direction.

Shawn Vogt, 45, was named the city’s 13th fire chief last week. He is joined by Kyle Trumbly, 39, who was named deputy chief. Trumbly is the city’s first deputy chief in several decades.

Both are 17-members of the fire department, and both began their careers as volunteers in small-town departments.

Vogt, who lives in Okarche, began working with the Okarche Fire Department in May 1994 after completing a couple of years of study at Redlands Community College.

Trumbly, who grew up in Oklahoma City, said he started as a volunteer with the Newcastle Fire Department and was one of their first paid firefighters.

Both have worked their way through the ranks after starting with the Yukon Fire Department in the same class.

Vogt most recently served as a battalion chief, while Trumbly was the department’s training officer.

Vogt said he got interested in firefighting in Okarche because a number of his friends were firefighters.

“I thought it was something I might want to try,” he said.

As it turned out, he liked it.

Vogt took a number of firefighting classes through Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City before joining the Yukon Fire Department.

“Once I volunteered, I realized that I might need some schooling,” he said.

Vogt said he enjoys working with the public, helping others.

“It was satisfying to help others,” he said.

As he begins the newest aspect of his career, Vogt said his goal is to keep the department heading in the right direction. He plans to follow the lead set by former Chief Kevin Jones, who retired at the end of the July.

“He was pretty progressive,” Vogt said of Jones.

Programs such as the Blue Card Command program, which is a safety measure used to help firefighters on the scene of an incident, will continue because they work well, he said.

The department also will continue to improve its training program, already considered among the best in the state, and will look at future equipment needs.

“One of my jobs is making sure the guys keep up with the best training possible. … I want to keep them safe in the jobs they are performing,” he said.

The department has 34 full-time firefighters, and will add four firefighters in the near future. That number does not include the administration.

“We have really good firefighters here. Their training is better than ever,” Vogt said.

The addition of Trumbly as the assistant chief is an asset, Vogt said.

Trumbly has served as the city’s training officer for the past four years, and will continue in that role for the foreseeable future.

Trumbly grew up in Oklahoma City and got his start working with Newcastle in 1997 as a volunteer.

When the department began hiring firefighters, he was among the first six hired.

He worked in Newcastle until 2000 when he joined the Yukon department.

“I am very excited, but I’m also humbled and honored that they would have that type of faith and confidence in me,” Trumbly said.

Trumbly said he and Vogt are good friends and work well together.

The two were both finalists for the fire chief’s job.

Mayor Mike McEachern, in announcing their selection last week, said they are the right people for the job.

“We wanted the most qualified people we could have moving into the future. Both had good ideas for moving the department forward,” he said. “The best two candidates were the ones we chose. If something is working well, you want to continue that. We made the best decision. We chose two people who are very qualified for the job,” the mayor said.

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