Welcome aboard: New teachers feted during chamber event

The Yukon Chamber of Commerce welcomed 114 new teachers to the district Thursday with a luncheon.

Dr. Jason Simeroth, the district’s superintendent, said this year’s group of teachers contains a range of veteran teachers who are moving to Yukon as well as several teachers who are fresh out of college.

Simeroth said there are three spots open in the district, and those should be filled before school starts Aug. 17.

He also told those attending the luncheon that this is one of the most promising groups of teachers in recent years.

“This is one of the most professional groups to come in in a while. The level of experience and excitement is exciting for me, personally. They will bring a new fire to the district to help us. They are really good,” he said.

The new teachers reported Wednesday and were scheduled to attend a “new teacher academy” on Thursday and Friday.

All teachers are scheduled to report Tuesday.

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