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New chief in town: Yukon names fire chief, assistant

A 17-year veteran of the Yukon Fire Department has been named as the city’s new fire chief.

Shawn Vogt, 45, will replace Kevin Jones, who retired Monday after 28 years with the department.

Meanwhile, Maj. Kyle Trumbly, 39, has been selected as the city’s new deputy chief.

Vogt and Trumbly were among a handful of candidates who applied for the position.

City Manager Jim Crosby announced the promotions Tuesday in a news release.

Vogt was not available for comment on Tuesday.

Crosby said Vogt was selected after a thorough process that included a regional search and a series of interviews with the mayor, city manager, assistant city manager, city attorney and human resources director.

He is the department’s 13th fire chief.

Vogt began his career as a firefighter in August 2000. He also has served as a driver, captain and most recently as a battalion chief.

Trumbly also has worked for the department for 17 years. He most recently was in charge of the department’s training program.

Yukon Mayor Mike McEachern said Vogt and Trumbly were the best choices for the job.

“They are really, really good choices. We looked at several people both internally and externally. We went through an exhaustive selection process,” the mayor said.

Nine candidates applied for the position, and five were interviewed, McEachern said, and it got down to the final two candidates, Vogt and Trubly.

The final decision was to not only promote Vogt, but also to create a new position for Trumbly.

“We wanted to make sure we had a real strong restructuring. We have not had an assistant fire chief before and felt it was something we need to look into.

“We were very pleased with both candidates. We couldn’t ask for better folks,” McEachern said.

The fact that both finalists also know the department helps, as well.

“We wanted the most qualified people we could have move into the future. Both had good ideas for moving the department forward,” he said.

While having knowledge about the department is important, McEachern said they were the two top candidates.

“The best two candidates were the ones we chose. If something is working well, you want to continue that. We made the best decision. We chose two people who are very qualified for the job,” the mayor said.

Crosby agreed, and said the two bring different talents to the jobs.

“They really complemented each other,” he said.

One of the candidates was a little more focused on the operations of the fire department, while the other was a little more focused on the future, he said.

“We had talked about having an assistant in the department. … even though we have a battalion chief, we thought this would be a good opportunity to do that,” Crosby said.

The city manager said the Trumbly will continue to work as the department’s training officer for the foreseeable future, along with his duties as assistant chief.

He also said the department will look at filling four open positions in the near future.

Crosby said Vogt’s salary will be approximately $104,000 per year, while Trumbly’s salary will be about $92,000.

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