Top 30 Athletes: Nos. 16-20 revealed in third week of series

Carvell McKinley

Kamryn Seale

Karsten Berg

Nolan Koon

Shandree McNatt

We have now entered the third week of my top-30 current athletes at Yukon High School. It’s time to unveil Nos. 16-20 as I count down to reveal my No. 1 athlete at YHS.

To recap last week, No. 25 was boys soccer player Colton Humphrey, No. 24 was girls soccer player Emily Kimmel, No. 23 was girls basketball player Jules Martin, No. 22 was softball player Aleyah Holman and No. 21 was pom dancer Kamryn Karn.

Here’s a look at Nos. 16-20:

16. Nollan Koon, junior, baseball and football

Nollan Koon is the starting first baseman, lead-off hitter for the Yukon High School varsity baseball team and a member of the Yukon High School varsity football team.

Koon is one of the best up-and-coming baseball players at the high school level in the state. He has solid speed on the base paths and is a dependable first baseman for the Millers but it’s at the plate where Koon shines.

As a sophomore, he was the catalyst to the Yukon offense getting started. The left-handed batter showed the ability to reach base in multiple ways, including with base hits, walks and laying down perfectly placed bunts to get a rally started.

On the football field, Koon will be a fixture at the receiver position for the Millers. His speed and athleticism will enable him to get open on routes and make exciting things happen after he catches the ball.

As a junior, look for Koon to have more of an opportunity for success in football and to continue his progression as one of the best baseball players at the high school level in the state of Oklahoma.

17. Karsten Berg, senior, boys basketball

Karsten Berg is a member of the Yukon High School varsity boys basketball team. He was counted on last season to be a sharp-shooter from the perimeter for the Millers.

Berg started and came off the bench last season and was the team’s best option on the perimeter for shot-making.

He will be counted on to provide the outside shooting for Yukon as a senior under new head coach Kevin Ritter but he will also be counted on to be a leader both on and off the floor for the Millers.

18. Shandree McNatt, junior, rugby

Shandree McNatt is a starter on the Yukon girls rugby club. She is one of the hidden sports gems at YHS, as she is considered one of the state’s top girls high school rugby players.

In rugby, you have to be tough and must be willing to get physical, and that’s exactly what McNatt is for Yukon, tough and physical. She is the heart and soul for the Millerettes on the rugby pitch.

As she enters her junior year, she will be counted on to not only produce for Yukon on the pitch but also be an advocate for rugby at YHS and throughout Oklahoma.

19. Carvell McKinley, senior, boys basketball, boys track, football

Carvell McKinley is a multi-sport athlete at Yukon High School and is one of the most athletic students roaming the halls at YHS.

McKinley will use that rare athletic ability on the football field this fall as a wide receiver, on the basketball court this winter as a wing player and on the track this spring in several sprint races and in the long-jump.

Look for McKinley to make an impact in football just based on his athletic ability and size. He will pose a threat to any opponent. On the basketball court, he utilize that size and athleticism to be a force under Ritter and in track, he will try and dominate the long-jump and the sprint races he will take part in next spring.

20. Kamryn Seale, junior, rugby

Kamryn Seale is a starter on the Yukon girls rugby club. Along with McNatt, Seale is one of the main reasons rugby has grown the way it has in Yukon over the past several years.

Seale is a different player than McNatt in that she utilizes her speed rather than her physicality but Seale doesn’t shy away from being physical.

As Seale enters her junior year, she will join McNatt is helping to grow the sport of rugby not only in Yukon but across the entire state.


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  1. Peter Lemonjellow on July 29, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Really, we have people from the girls Rugby club! Oh yea, I forgot, this the same guy who says showcase baseball is not good.

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