Mustang Road project to start this fall

The City of Mustang planned to begin widening south Mustang Road this summer, but due to some delay with the conversations with landowners, the widening has been pushed back.
The initial plan was for the widening project was to begin in July or early August at the latest, but now the construction will not begin until late September or early October.
The project includes widening Mustang Road to a three-lane curb and gutter street starting at the railroad tracks to State Highway 152. It will also include a five-foot sidewalk on the west side of the street. The project will also curb and gutter Juniper and Dowden Drives and add sidewalks to those streets.
Dr. Sean McDaniel, Mustang Public Schools Superintendent, said school officials have been told Mustang Road will not at any point have both lanes of Mustang Road closed so there will continue to be through traffic, but “it’ll be interesting.”
The City of Mustang and the Transportation Department are already working on alternate routes for when the construction begins and will have a plan ready to be in place to make it go as smoothly as possible around the construction.
McDaniel said from what he understands, the widening will be completed by next Spring or Summer in time for the 2018-19 academic year.
Although the delayed start to the widening was disappointing, the positive is that the football team will be able to get multiple home games in before construction begins. There shouldn’t be any problem getting to the Mustang v. Yukon game on Sept. 1 since construction isn’t set to begin until late September.

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