MHS adds blended learning program

Mustang High School is adding a new program this year to give all students a better chance to succeed.
The new program is a blended learning program and it’s being added in hopes of “reaching every student in our building,” Principal Dr. Teresa Wilkerson said.
The new program offers an alternative way of learning where instead of attending seven classes per day, a student would only visit three.
The students still must meet the same amount of requirements, but can choose to split up their classes to only focus on a few at a time and get them done quicker.
The three classes include:
—One computer classroom that is very structured,
—One classroom that is less structured, and
—One regular classroom setting.
The three classrooms offer a much smaller class size and more individualized environment than the students may have been able to get in their regular class schedule.
The new program is computer-driven learning, but still included certified teachers helping each individual student at their own pace and based on their own set goals.
The blending learning program combines alternative education and a regular school day so the student can create the best way for them to learn.
“The students are planning their own learning environment. The program is self-paced and the student is responsible for setting their own goals,” Wilkerson said.
Students must be accepted into the program. The application was opened up to anyone, then the students were called in for interviews.
The students selected for the program must be committed to being on track for themselves because their academic year would then be self-paced.
MHS has already accepted 45 of 60 total students, but they wanted to leave spots open for incoming freshman who may be interested in the program.
“The goal is success for every student,” Wilkerson said. “We’ve seen that students have a need for it and I’m very excited about it. I have a team of teachers looking at innovations all the time and this is kind of a hybrid of other blended learning programs throughout the country.”

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