Chamber accepting New Teacher Bag donations for extra week

The Mustang Chamber of Commerce puts together bags each year to welcome new teachers into the Mustang Public Schools district.
This year, the deadline was set for tomorrow, July 28, but has been pushed back to Friday, Aug. 4.
The New Teacher Bags are passed out each year at the New Teacher Luncheon, which Chamber Executive Director Renee Peerman said is usually hosted earlier than it is being hosted this year, which is the reason behind the later deadline.
The New Teacher Bags include anything local businesses would like to donate including T-shirts, pens, office supplies, coupons, water bottles and more.
Peerman said there are no restrictions on what businesses may put in the bags, but would like it to be something that helps the teachers out.
“These bags are just ‘welcome to Mustang.’ It helps them get to know who the businesses are and a little bit about the community. We just want to make it a friendly place for them to come to work, and for them to see what a great community we have so they’ll want to bring their families here and live here,” Peerman said.
The Girls Cross Country team works with the Mustang Chamber of Commerce each year to put the bags together and get them ready for the New Teacher Luncheon.
This year, the Chamber is making 120 New Teacher Bags, but hasn’t received as many donations for them as they have in years past.
“We really could use some more,” Peerman said. “We usually start at 100, but they just continue to hire more and more.”
The New Teacher Bags are a simple thing, but one way for Mustang businesses to show the teachers love and support as soon as they begin their journey with Mustang Public Schools, Peerman said.
“I just love being able to do anything for the community and for the teachers. I know the Chamber members like to do that as well—they like to feel like they’re a part of the school system, and I like to be able to do it for our largest employer. They employ about 1,200 people in Mustang so we want to do everything we can for them,” she said.

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