Athletic Department additions to bring attention to spirit, support

Mustang Athletic Department is bringing in two new programs this year.
One addition will be the Mustang Broncos “Spirit Award.”
The Spirit Award will be presented to an elementary or intermediate school, including Mustang Education Center, which displays “outstanding Bronco spirit.”
The award will be given every Tuesday during football season to a different school.
“The Spirit Award will stay with the winning school for the remainder of the week and can be displayed in the school’s front office, presented to the school at an assembly or during lunchtime, or promoted in any way the school sees fit,” said Chris Tobler, assistant athletic director. “The Athletic Department hopes to get our younger students excited about being Broncos and we hope to show appreciation for their spirit and enthusiasm.”
Another addition will be Bronco Alley, where local businesses and student organizations have the opportunity to show their Bronco pride for two hours before each home football game this season.
Bronco Alley is a “family-friendly, high energy, fun filled event for all Mustang Broncos fans,” a letter from Athletic Director Robert Foreman reads.
The event, hosted from 5-7 p.m. before each home varsity game this season, allows businesses and organizations to set up a booth with games, prizes, giveaways and Bronco gear.
“This event will be a tremendous opportunity to showcase your business and provide excellent exposure to our rapidly growing community. We sincerely request your partnership in this community enriching endeavor,” Foreman wrote in the letter.
Bronco Alley will be located on the practice football field directly behind Horizon Intermediate School, southwest of Bronco Stadium.
Businesses and organizations can reserve booth space for $25 per game or $100 for all five home games. The home games include Sept. 1 (Mustang v. Yukon), Sept. 8, Sept. 29, Oct. 13 and Oct. 19.
Vendors will be able to select a booth location at the time of purchase. Booth spaces are 10 feet by 10 feet.
For more information, contact Foreman or Tobler at 376-7366.
Don’t miss the kick off of football season and Bronco Alley on Sept. 1 at Bronco Stadium when the Broncos take on the Yukon Millers for “Bedlam.”

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