Chamber Leadership Council to participate in job shadowing

Mustang businessmen and women may soon have a “shadow” whose goal is to learn from watching.
The Chamber Leadership Council (CLC) was a new program last year, in which senior leaders from every organizations or program on campus come together. The Mustang Chamber of Commerce works with the students once a month in a leadership class with every month being a different topic.
Past topics include team building, financial responsibility, what to expect from an employer, what to look for in an employer, customer service, ethics, values, city and state government and more.
“That is one of my greatest joys. That is one of the best of things that we do as a Chamber—training the workforce of tomorrow,” said Renee Peerman, executive director for Mustang Chamber of Commerce. “We want to train leaders that are going to come back to Mustang and contribute to this community so we’re going to support every effort that the district makes at that. We’re going to help as much as we can.”
A similar program used to run on a smaller scale, but now it’s much bigger with all of the senior leaders involved. One of last year’s students said she learned a lot, but through the team building exercises she learned the importance of listening to everyone, not just the majority.
Peerman said she thinks all students in the program learn valuable lessons, as well as have a valuable piece of education to represent themselves well on their resume.
CLC receives a lot of support throughout the Chamber and through its corporate sponsors, Walmart and Integris, Peerman said.
At the end of each year, CLC students are taught a lesson on etiquette where they are taken out to fine dining and taught how to “behave like a gentleman or a lady,” Peerman explained. The etiquette lesson is right before prom so she added that it’s the perfect timing for the students to know proper etiquette.
Job shadowing will allow the seniors to work directly with business leaders throughout the community and get a feel of the work that goes into their daily job.
Other than the job shadowing, CLC students will also be taken on a bus tour through Mustang this year.
“I know a bus tour through Mustang doesn’t seem too exciting, but we have a lot of history here and it’s important to learn,” Peerman said.
The bus tour will stop at City Hall, the Police Station, the Fire Department, the Historical Society Museum and more. Several city leaders, including Mayor Jay Adams, will be picked up by the bus on the way to continue to better explain how the City of Mustang runs and the history behind it.
“We’re teaching seniors what to expect when they leave here and preparing them for their lives outside of Mustang High School,” said Dr. Teresa Wilkerson, Mustang High School principal. “We want every child to succeed and we want every child to be college or workforce ready.”
Each member of the program receives a certificate of completion at the end of the program.
Students involved in CLC are encouraged by the Chamber to apply for their scholarship program. The Chamber raises money throughout the year for scholarships and then are able to give an x amount of money to an x amount of students each year. This year, the Chamber was able to award five scholarships.

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