Yukon sales tax sees rise

July sales tax returns for Canadian County communities brought in some interesting results.
One town saw a fairly significant dip in its city sales tax, but a substantial rise in its use tax returns, while another had the opposite results. Ironically, they were the two largest cities in the county.
Yukon saw more than $100,000 more in its sales tax returns than it did the previous year.
Yukon’s sales tax returns totaled $1,823,888 while last year t was $1,706,810.
Yukon’s use tax, which are taxes paid on items purchased on the internet, or items purchased outside of the city, dropped about $25,000 from $132,668 last year to $107,481.99 this year.
Meanwhile use tax in El Reno skyrocketed from just $41,205 last year to more than $429,162 this year, according to a report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
The sales tax portion of its check from the state tax commission plunged more than $240,000.
There was good news in the report, otherwise. All of the other communities saw increases in both sales tax and use tax.
Calumet saw an increase from $10,899 in July 2016 to $35,484.75 in 2016 in its city sales tax. It’s use tax jumped from $2,116.29 in 2016 to $3,533.40 this year.
Mustang’s sales tax increased from $867,995 to $933.053. Use tax jumped to $39,173 compared to $34,435 in 2016.
Okarche’s sales tax increased slightly, jumping from $31,937 to $32,299.17. Okarche’s use tax jumped by more than $250,000 to $256,066.33. Last year’s total was $2,519.99.
In Piedmont, the use tax almost tripled over last, bringing in $17,228.80 compared to $6,583.05 last July.
Piedmont also received about a $17,000 increase in sales tax related to Canadian County business in July. This year’s check was $158,345 compared to $141,503 last year.
Union City’s sales tax jumped $12,000 increasing from $20,833 to $32,236. Union City’s use tax climbed from $3,223 to $16,466.
Canadian County also saw an increase in both sales tax and use tax. Sales tax returns totaled $575,675, which is up from $503,525. The sales tax helps fund the county’s juvenile justice center.
Meanwhile, the use tax total jumped from $47,885 to $125,373.
The July distribution of sales tax collections by the tax commission primarily represents local tax receipts from May business. Companies that remit more than $2,500 monthly in sales tax receipts are required to file and pay electronically. The monies they reported this period represent sales from May 16 to May 31. It also includes estimated sales from June 1 to June 15.
In all, the tax commission disbursed $146,492,067 in sales tax collections. That is an increase of $10,292,526 from the $136,199,541 distributed to the cities and towns in July last year. The use tax disbursement to cities and towns was $13,968,896.
In county returns, the counties shared in a $26,336,968 sales tax disbursement and a $2,707,465 use tax disbursement.

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