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OKC firm to lead shelter project

An Oklahoma City construction company has been selected as the general contractor for a renovation project at the Canadian County Juvenile Justice Center in El Reno.
Pillar Construction was selected for the project mainly because of its available technology.
Two other companies, Westfahl Construction of Yukon and CMS-Willowbrook, based in Chickasha, also made presentations to work as the county’s general contractor on the expansion project.
“They all three were great,” said District 3 Commissioner Jack Stewart. “They are local, out of the Oklahoma City area. … They all have good work history.”
“Any of the three could do the job,” he said.
But commissioners said the decision really came down to two companies, Pillar and Westfaul.
They said the CMS-Willowbrook was too large of a company for the project and might not make such a small project a priority.
District 1 Commissioner Marc Hader compared the two smaller companies to homebuilders, where they would continually make the project a priority because of their reputations.
The decision came down to fee rate and technology that would be on site for the project.
Pillar Construction suggested their fees would be in the range of about 6 ½ percent of total cost of the project in addition to general overhead costs, while Westfahl said their fees would be around 10 percent, plus costs.
Initially, it appeared the contract might go to Westfahl, because it is a Canadian County company. However, Stewart said he felt Pillar’s technology gave them an edge. His comments pushed the other commissioners toward Pillar.
Hader said any of the three companies could do the job.
District 2 Commissioner David Anderson agreed.
“They are all qualified,” Anderson said.
The construction project’s main purpose is to construct two safe rooms at the juvenile detention facility.
One shelter will be constructed inside the detention area and will be used solely for as a storm shelter.
The other shelter will be built for employees and visitors of the center. It will be used as a conference room most of the time.
The project is expected to cost about $3 million.
Work could begin this fall on the shelters.
Officials also have established several add-ons, among which are additional office space and a courtroom where juvenile hearings can be held.

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