Back to the roots: Yukon football going back to red and white uniforms

When Yukon football coach Jeremy Reed was hired in January, he said he wanted to make changes to the program but he wanted to do it slowly.

The Miller alumni had different ideas.

“I had numerous alumni come up to me and keep telling me they wanted to see Yukon football get back to red-and-white-only uniforms,” Reed said. “It happened so many times that I knew this was really important to our community, so I decided to act on it. There was a theme that Mustang has the black and gray. We are Yukon and we are going to be who we are.”

When Yukon takes the field at Bronco Stadium on Sept. 1 against their rival Mustang, they will be in uniforms that are nothing but red and white.

The new helmets will be white with a red facemask and a red stripe down the middle. There will be a red jersey for home games and a white jersey for road games. The red pants will have the word ‘brotherhood’ going down the side of each leg and the white pants will have the word ‘family’ going down the side of each leg.

The Millers will mix and match color schemes. Some home games they will be all red and others they will be in red jerseys and white pants and on the road they will switch between all white and white jerseys and red pants.

When they take field at Mustang, they will be wearing all white.

“That is going to be pretty special that night seeing our players in the all-white uniforms with that white helmet with the word ‘family’ going down the side of our pants,” Reed said. “We say ‘brotherhood’ because that’s what our team is, we are brothers and we play for each other. We say ‘family’ because our family is everyone who has ever been a part of being a Miller. The ‘brotherhood’ plays for the ‘family.’ The red and white is who we are as Millers.”

Reed said there are three different aspects of change when it comes to changing a football program.

“You have to look different, feel different and act different,” Reed said. “We have to change our look, the red and white has to mean something. We have to change how we look in the community. We have to feel the emotions that come with those colors and with our uniform. The jersey from last year has an 0-10 feel to it and we don’t want that anymore. We have to act different by being mentally tougher. Those colors represent blue-collar, hard work.”

Reed added that so many teams, whether in high school or college, are getting caught up in the flashy uniforms. Yukon wants to be basic.

“We aren’t going to get caught up in all the fluff,” Reed said. “That’s not who we are as Millers. Our uniforms are going to be very vanilla but that’s what we want. That’s who we are. We don’t need the flashy uniforms. The red and white is old school and that’s what we like. We have started to say we ‘Miller tough’ and that has to mean something.”

Reed said he wants the Yukon community to help take part and “invest” in the program through these new uniforms.

“Our goal is to have a member of the community be in our stands watching us play and have ownership in our program because they donated a certain amount of money to help with these new uniforms and say to themselves, ‘ I invested in this football program and I have ownership in this team.’ We aren’t looking for someone to come in and write us a $60,000 check. We want people take ownership and invest in our players and invest in this program.”

The cost for the entire uniform is $468. The helmet is $313, the jerseys are $95 each and the pants are $60 each.

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  1. Susan P on July 25, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    What about the uniforms that were purchased last season? Why contribute more $$ into a program when they have new uniforms they wont even wear. Yukon wants to be basic? I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say “I am going to strive to be basic today.” Just sayin…..

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