Yukon football: Reed finalizes coaching staff

First-year Yukon head football coach Jeremy Reed has finalized his coaching staff for the 2017 football season.

Including Reed, there will be a total of 15 coaches on the football coaching staff at Yukon High School this fall, which includes grades ninth through 12th.

Not including Reed, there will be seven defensive coaches and seven offensive coaches for Yukon.

Here is a list of the 2017 Yukon football coaches:


-Defensive coordinator, Craig Hubbard

Craig Hubbard was the defensive coordinator at Yukon High School last year and is the only remaining coach from last year’s staff.

Reed on Hubbard:

“Craig brings a ton of experience. All at the collegiate level until last year, he has high level of expertise on the defensive side of the ball. We are really lucky to keep him from last year’s staff.”

-Defensive line coach, Bruce Phillips

Bruce Phillips has been out of coaching for several years now but was at Yukon High School before he stepped away for a couple of years.

Reed on Phillips:

“We recruited Bruce back to the staff after he had been away for a couple of years. He is a great defensive-line coach and he has a great relationship with the kids.”

-Defensive line coach, Casey Love

Casey Love was the head baseball coach and an assistant football coach at Bethel High School last year.

Reed on Love:

“Casey just joined us last week. Coach Love is going to help with our baseball program and we are really glad to get him for football. He is going to assist with our defensive line. I really loved the answers he gave in his interview regarding relationships.”

-Defensive backs coach, Kenyada Davis

Kenyada Davis has several years of college coaching experience. This will be his first year coaching at the high school level.

Reed on Davis:

“Coach Davis is in his first year of coaching high school football. He has a lot of experience coaching the collegiate game coaching defensive backs. We really feel like we got a great coach in Coach Davis to lead our secondary.”

-Inside linebackers coach, Tyler Day

Tyler Day will be in his first year of coaching after playing at the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma Baptist University.

Reed on Day:

“Tyler Day is a former player of mine at Ardmore High School. He played linebacker at the collegiate-level and brings a ton of excitement and passion for not only the game but for leading kids.”

-Defensive backs coach, Terrance White

Terrance White has been in Yukon since 2014 and he played for the University of Oklahoma.

Reed on White:

“Terrance is a volunteer coach for us but he sure doesn’t act like a volunteer. He is extremely passionate about football and is a great coach and a great asset to have in the role that he is in.”

-Defensive quality control, Kevin Holman

Kevin Holman was a member of the freshmen coaching staff last year.

Reed on Holman:

“Coach Holman is going to wear a lot of different hats for us. What I love about Coach Holman is his passion for Yukon and is so passionate for helping people and has a very serving heart.”


-Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall was the head football coach at Lexington High School last year.

Reed on Hall:

“We got super lucky getting Jeff Hall, who has been a head coach for many years. Jeff brings a lot of experience being a head coach and is very well-versed in our offensive system.”

-A-backs coach, Payton Broome

Payton Broome was an assistant coach at Lexington High School last year.

Reed on Broome:

“Coach Broome has been coaching A-backs at Lexington over the past couple of years. He is a great coach with the details and great at building relationships with the kids.”

-A-backs coach, Aaron Dillard

Aaron Dillard was the offensive coordinator at Lexington High School last year.

“Coach Dillard is a very knowledgeable in our offense. He was the offensive coordinator at Lexington. He adds a ton of value to our staff because of his knowledge with what we are doing offensively.”

-Quarterbacks and B-backs coach, Keenan Kellett

Keenan Kellett played at Harding University in the flex-bone system.

Reed on Kellett:

“Coach Kellett brings a unique approach to our staff because he played in this offense at the collegiate level. He played quarterback, he is going to coach our quarterbacks and b-backs and he does a great job of relaying that information to those guys and being a former player and having coaching experience.”

-Offensive line coach, Cole Lockwood

Cole Lockwood played at Harding University and is in his first year of coaching.

Reed on Lockwood:

“Cole is in his first year of coaching. He played at Harding in this offense and he played three different positions up front for them, so he brings a ton of experience and value in playing experience that is going to add not only to our kids but to our staff.”

-Wide receivers coach, Jim Bohnstedt

Jim Bohnstedt was a graduate assistant coach at Lexington High School last year.

Reed on Bohnstedt:

“Jim has been with Lexington over the past few years. He was actually a player of Jeff’s (Hall) in high school and he is going to do a great job with our receivers. He’s another guy that already knows what we are doing offensively.”

-Offensive quality control, Michael Perez

Michael Perez is a Spanish teacher at Yukon High School. He played at Altus High School and he kicked at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Reed on Perez:

“Michael came to work here as a Spanish teacher and was formerly at Altus. He kicked at Southwestern, so part of his other duties will be coaching our kickers and we are so fortunate to have a guy that has some expertise in that area.”

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