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Hotel set to open this November

The Hampton Inn and Suites being built at 1320 E. State Highway 152 is on schedule and set to open in November.
In the five to seven years before Hampton Inn building, the City of Mustang officials talked to several hotel groups about Mustang.
“We knew that we had a market for a hotel here,” said Melissa Helsel, community development director.
Helsel referenced the softball and baseball fields and the Armed Forces Reserve Center (also known as the Armory) as some of the biggest markets for the hotel.
Most hotels are not independently owned, but there are several hotel groups that own multiple hotel brands. The hotel group building in Mustang is Mustang Hospitality LLC, which is one of the hotel groups previously talked to by the City of Mustang officials.
“They bought that property and the property is tight, in terms of—there’s not a whole lot of extra wiggle room space. They really had to use every square foot of that property for the hotel, between drainage and parking, and the building itself. They have a big easement along the west side of it. They had to design every square foot of that to fit it in there,” Helsel said. “They used up every possible bit of space that they could.”
The hotel is multi-level and they have a variance on it for the height so they can go above the city’s maximum height limit of 35 feet.
The hotel is 56 feet high with four floors and 70 hotel rooms.
“People who visit the town to visit relatives can stay there. People who live in Tuttle would be able to stay there because there’s not a hotel there either. It benefits the city as far as hotel/motel and sales tax—those are some big benefits,” Helsel said. “And, when we have people come from out of town, we don’t have to send them back out of town to stay. It’ll be nice for them to be able to stay close in Mustang and kind of get to know Mustang a little bit.
“I’m excited to have it open and I think it’ll be really successful.”
Hampton Inn and Suites and Starbucks are both set to open in November.


  1. Tara Nail on July 23, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Where can I fill out a Housekeeping position there at the new hotel in mustang,ok?

  2. Karen Taylor on December 15, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Are there any openings for a retired,female .

  3. Lacole on May 15, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    When will the hotel open?

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