Doubling Up: Mason Lowe is one of Mustang’s many multi-sport athletes

By Michael Kinney, Contributing Writer

For many school districts around Oklahoma and the nation, the days of the multiple sport athlete have passed on. High school athletics has turned into a specialization era where kids play or practice one sport for almost the entire year.
That is not the case in Mustang. That is especially not the case with Mason Lowe. The senior has been a standout on the gridiron and on the diamond throughout high school and sees nothing wrong with that.
“Since I’ve been growing up it’s just been like, I go to football and then come back to baseball,” Lowe said. “But I get a long break in between and I wouldn’t have to do all the off-season stuff, but I’d still be out here on the field working and stuff like that.”
Lowe sees the rush of other kids to just play one sport. But says that is not for him. He began to play at the age of five and stuck with it.
“I just decided to play both when I was little,” Lowe said. “My dad was keeping me with it and I don’t know. We just won state this last year in baseball, so I’m sticking with it.”
Lowe is coming off a baseball season in which he and the Broncos claimed the program’s second state championship. During the season he learned baseball became more than just his side sport.
“Football’s my favorite,” Lowe said, “but I think I’m a little better than I thought at baseball.”
For Lowe, football sticks out because of the atmosphere and excitement that goes into a game. However, it was something he missed out on for most of his junior season due to injury to his elbow.
Staying healthy is just one of the goals he has for his senior campaign.
“Not getting injured like I did last year and just as many touchdowns as I can get,” Lowe said. “Just whatever I can do to help out the team. I’ll be wearing something on my elbow the whole season. I didn’t have to wear anything in baseball.”
With this being his final season putting on football pads for Mustang, Lowe wants to experience the same joy he felt with the baseball team.  That means bringing some of that championship mentality to the gridiron.
“Winning state, it was the best moment like ever pretty much,” Lowe said. “Just need to get one in football. It’s just like the little things that matter. Bring it over here to football, it’s just the same thing, little things.”
Regardless of what happens in football and baseball this year, Lowe plans to continue to play both in the future.
“Honestly, I was thinking about, if whatever college I get to, I was either gonna walk on and try to play both,” Lowe said. “But I don’t know how that’s gonna work out.”

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